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Leannes first birth story

Monday, 30 May 2016  |  Admin

Seems silly not to tell you about my first birth even though my blogs have only really related to my recent pregnancy. I do apologise if some details are a little vague as my eldest was born in January 2011 but I could still compare both births to each other. I am using my husband’s help to recall it as he couldn’t help telling me how each differed also. It is fascinating how pregnancies and indeed births can differ.

So… Firstly my eldest boy was born in our local birthing unit as I had a low risk pregnancy and I never liked the idea of being in a hospital surrounded by lots of other women (possibly screaming) and doctors running around. But by the token I wanted the extra reassurance of the specialised unit rather than a home birth.
To my joy I went into labour 3 days before my due date. As far as I can remember I didn’t have any Braxton Hicks so when I had a ‘twinge’ I knew something was about to happen. This twinge happened at 6pm on a Saturday just after my husband came home from work and it was no more than a very light period pain. Nothing else happened for about an hour but overnight they got slightly stronger and closer together. At 10am the following morning I rang the midwife to confirm that I was in the swing of labour as I starting to hurt. I was asked to go to the unit to get checked. When we got there I was told that I was 3cm dilated and should go home and wait it out. They gave me some oral morphine so that I could rest. At 2pm they got a lot closer together and intense so I rang the midwife again and went back in to be told that I had progressed to 4cm and could stay as I was now is established labour.

I was given gas and air at that point and it all just progressed. At 6pm I was checked and I was 5cm. It was slow but progressing. I was getting tired so I asked for pethidine which was great as between contractions I slept (3-4mins sleep each time). At 10pm I was 8cm and the pethidine was wearing of but since the end was in sight I didn’t want anymore. I remember being told at this point that he would probably be here by midnight (don’t believe everything midwives say). At midnight I needed the pethidine again which helped relax me again. At 2am I was 9cm and in the transition phase (between active labour and pushing) and this is the worst bit by far as your body is telling you to push but it won’t help so you have to stop yourself pushing which is horrible.

At just after 5am I couldn’t stop the urge to push so the midwife checked and confirmed that I was 10cm and that I could push but I had to have some assistance some 2 midwives and my husband to get my knees up to my ears so that baby had the most room to get out. He was eventually born at 6.15am on the Monday (36 hours after my first ‘twinge’). He was 8lb3oz and still a bit spaced out from the pethidine which meant he didn’t scream like most babies but it had no other effects on him at all. Very happy healthy baby.

The last stage was the weirdest as my placenta wasn’t budging even after the injection you can have and then I was asked if I had a full bladder. I had no idea so they asked me to wee which I couldn’t so I had a catheter put in and in turn my placenta came out mins later. I also had torn slightly torn and needed 2 stitches.
Long progressive fairly standard labour, I look back at it being ‘nice’. No horror story in the slightest.