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Leanne's Birth Plan Checklist

Friday, 29 April 2016  |  Admin

My Birth Plan

I like so many other women have thought about this since early pregnancy. But I’m quite a laid back person when it comes to this plan.

I’m lucky to have already have gone through the giving birth process and I can use that experience to help me plan this time. Last time I went to my local birthing unit and had a lovely experience of just having midwife care and I just listened to everything that I was being told to do. I had gas and air and pethidine for pain relief which worked well for me and I had my 8lb3 baby boy after about 16 hours of active labour.

I was hoping for a water birth but the unit had one pool and another lady my labouring in that room so I had to just use the normal room, which at that point in my labour I was not bothered in the slightest and just wanted the baby out.

At the start of this pregnancy I dropped the idea of the water birth; I did it well without last time so why not the same. I did want to go back to the birthing unit again though.

I did think about a home birth but my husband wasn’t a massive fan so that got disregarded early on.

But since I got SPD and speaking to my midwife about it I’ve gone back to the idea of a water birth. Despite having SPD I’m still a low risk pregnancy and since I have the least pain when I have a bath having a water birth seems like the ideal place to have this baby. You can only have gas and air alongside the pool and I think that is my ‘plan’. I hope that I’m able to go along with this plan, but if I am advised by midwives of a better way whilst I’m in labour then I trust them just like I did last time.

Early labour I’ll be spending a lot of it in the bath and will hold off going to the unit for as long as I can cope with so I don’t spend too much of my labouring time at the hospital.

What I do know is that it is important that your birthing partner knows what you want so that they can voice your reasoning when you’re going through labour.  My husband knows it inside out and sometimes even knows me better than I know myself and can tell me when the plan needs to change.

To sum it all up, make a plan, tell your partner, but be prepared to ditch it all together if things aren’t quite right at the time. Most importantly don’t beat yourself up if you do have to change your plans.