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Leanne prepares for her holiday with a baby and toddler

Friday, 15 July 2016  |  Admin

 6 week check and update Whilst I write this I’m watching baby play on what was his brothers play mat and happily kicking about with the hiccups (about 5 times a day he gets hiccups). We have just had the 2nd breastfeed of the morning which seems to have almost fallen into routine times and he loves a mixture of cuddles and independent play time either in the rocker chair or the play mat. I know to relish these times because as soon as he starts moving I’ll need eyes in the back of my head.

I can’t believe he is 7 weeks old and we’ve just had our 6 week checks with the Health Visitor and our GP which has all gone well for baby. He was born at 9lb 7oz and is now 13lb 12oz he is following the 98th centile line in his red book perfectly (big baby). He is smiling and we have a lot of gurgles and coos which we have a full blown gurgling conversations. I managed to record a video of my husband having a chat with him which is adorable. However I’m still struggling to recover from my pregnancy SPD. Although I’m walking everyday with the pram it still aches after in my lower back and pelvis. Due I’ll be going back to see the physiotherapist I saw whilst I was pregnant to see if she can help me or whether I just need to wait a little longer. My eldest boy is due to finish is 1st year of school and has got a glowing school report and is very much looking forward to his first sports day and his 6 weeks summer holidays.

We have some things planned for the holidays. We shall have lots trips to the park and the zoo and our holiday to Spain. We are lucky enough that our family have a villa in East Spain and is a home away from home so over the last few weeks I’ve been looking at what we need for a 5 year old and a new born to cope well with the heat in Spain in August. We did the same trip when my eldest was 5 months old so we very aware on where to buy nappies, pharmacies, doctors and hospitals and also places with air conditioning to visit. Things we have bought for the holidays:

1. UV Swimsuits – sort of goes without saying the sun protection is my top priority and although baby will only be 12 weeks old I don’t want him to miss out on the fun. So maybe 10 mins in the pool is good fun for us all. We use an outdoor pool that always has part of the pool in the shade. So baby has 2 suits and a brimmed hat with neck protection too. My eldest has a UV protection top and a few cheaper t shirts that he can use to.

2. Sun screen – with an insect repellent in for the eldest and a baby one also. In Spain that have a natural spray with citrus stuff in it which can act as a insect repellent for babies (sorry to be vague but I get the name and report it back after my holiday) it works a treat and I use it also as a cooling spray for all the family during the day.

3. Another sunscreen – for the pram. I have a iCandy peach and I have bought their new ‘Screen’. It is a black cover that is elasticated and just fits over the hood and covers the whole pram. You can still see baby and it a light fabric that protects them from the sun but keeps the air travelling round the pram. I am aware that due to it being black that is will absorb the heat so it will be great whilst moving and being still in the shade. I love it as it is so easy and is so much better than a parasol.

4. A travel bag for the pram – Like a lot of people we worry about taking prams on holiday mainly traveling on the plane and it getting broken in transit, so I had been looking at putting the pram in a bag. But trying to find one that fits our prams was hard. However again iCandy have introduced a bag made for the Peach so we bought it and it fits great and is padded with wheels for pulling it along. Great for peace of mind and keeping the 2 bits of the prams together also. I can’t wait to use it.

5. 1 tog sleeping bags and long sleeve vests – our villa has air conditioning so baby needs to be cosy but to stay cool to so this is happy medium. 6. Large swaddling muslins – I didn’t buy these, I actually got these for free from when I bought my normal muslins and changing bag from the Mummy and Little Me website. I haven’t used them yet but I will in Spain mainly as bedding or a light blanket in the evening whilst out and about in the pram. And a cover whilst feeding ( I wouldn’t normally use one) just to keep the sun off the baby. This holiday I will be breastfeeding so I’ve been researching if I need to change and the answer I found is nothing. I will have to drink more water but this is no different to being in hot temperatures. I’m very much looking forward to this holiday but I’ll happier when we are on the plane on our way, I’m looking forward to more sun than we are getting in the UK.


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