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Leanne is keen to get back in shape after childbirth

Wednesday, 3 August 2016  |  Admin

Post pregnancy fitness, getting started after SPD.

From my last post about holiday purchases I’ve wanted to as fit as possible before I go on holiday. From our 6 week check the doctor recommended that I go back to the Physiotherapist for a post pregnancy SPD check since I was still in pain and it hadn’t totally disappeared like some other women.
I had been told that due to breastfeeding my baby the amount of the hormone relaxing in my body won’t totally disappear until I stop feeding him but I knew that I still shouldn’t be in pain because of this, it would never be the only reason to give up breastfeeding.

So back to the Physiotherapist and by lower back is still causing the left side of my pelvis to tilt in slightly so that is what I’ve been given exercises to rectify it (it should be easier to do now I’m not pregnant). It will require a few extra appointments but hopefully it is setting me on the right track. One of my questions for her was can I start getting back to doing exercise to get my fitness back or do I have to rest for longer, she was very pro exercise and told me what I shouldn’t do which was a surprisingly small list. The list was doing do anything that requires me to scissor my legs (lunges/running etc). The main thing was to strengthen my core muscles which will stabilise my pelvis.

So I found a buggy boot camp. I’ve been twice so far and the instructor is great she spoke to me about my issues and tailored the class for me as I was unable to complete everything that rest of the ladies can do. The biggest bonus is taking the babies. I get a sweat and feel great after and I do hurt/ache but no more than usual for me and no more than I have done previously after a workout.

Although I’m aware that I have to be careful whilst recovering from SPD I can still get fit and feel good with the right support and that rather than sitting around on my bum like I did during my pregnancy, the exercise will help.

Baby update, I am still exclusively breastfeeding him and he continues to follow the 98th centile line and sleeps 8-9hours during the night now. I am starting to express a little also to build up a milk stash so that I can have a few hours here and there to myself (or go to Physio appointments). I can have a breastmilk bottle waiting for him. Also maybe I can enjoy a drink whilst on holiday.

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