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Leanne and the milk journey

Friday, 14 October 2016  |  Admin

Going out whilst breastfeeding

My baby is now 20 weeks old and I’m fully in the process of working out back to work scenarios and how he will be fed.
I didn’t have a lot of success expressing breastmilk with my first boy so I didn’t hold out much hope this time round. However I have been very successful with my breast pump from 8 weeks.
I have an electric double pump by Philips Avent which I bought last year in the Black Friday sales on Amazon (which is only next month, so keep an eye out for deals). To start it is all a little scary but here is how I started.

At 8 weeks when I would feed my little boy first thing in the morning I would feed him on one side and pump the other one at the same time. At first I would only get about 1-2ozs but that can now get up to 3.5ozs on occasions. However if he wake up in the night more than normal I wouldn’t express at all as I didn’t feel full enough to express. It really is about knowing your own body and not fixating on expressing a certain amount as everyday will be different and that is OK. The milk that I expressing either stayed in a bottle in the fridge or got frozen depending on if I wanted a few hours to myself.

After expressing a few times I realised that feeding a babe and holding a pump on the other boob is very awkward and not fun so I googled hands free pumping and found loads of very expensive bras which is horrible to see people making loads of money out of breastfeeding. But I did find someone who used a bra and hairbands to hold her pump in place. I had a nursing bra that I bought straight after birth that quickly became too small, I took that and looped one band just under the clip on the strap (both sides) the one looped centrally at the bottom with two bands looped on the central band one for either side. The idea is to feed the pump through the band off of the strap and one from the centre. The pump sits great and makes hands free pumping possible.
Recently I’ve been getting a little bit of my social life back and also been to work for some update meeting and have had to pump and feed before I leave baby which has worked out really well, I think because we have let him have bottled breastmilk since I’ve been able to express maybe once or twice a week.
I’m building up for a weekend away in a few weeks for a friends hen do so I’m building up my freezing stash for dad. I’m looking forward to seeing how I can fit pumping around socialising without baby and hopefully no leakage faux pas. Perfect practise for returning to work.
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