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Laurens top 4 changing bags

Wednesday, 20 July 2016  | 

My Top Changing Bags
Before Joey came along you would only ever see me carrying a designer may not have been real but all of my bags look like the real deal. I've got tonnes of lovely handbags in my wardrobe that haven't been used much since Joey's arrival. Here are my favourite designer look changing bags
Pacapod Jasper - this has got to be my new favourite  bag at the moment! It doesn't even look like a changing bag from the outside but on the inside it's so practical! The leather looks so expensive, I can imagine it having that amazing leather smell. This comes in two colours; chestnut and black. Even though both classic colours, the chestnut would be my favourite. Even though the price is slightly eye watering you're paying for quality, because of the fact it doesn't look like a changing bag I'd use this even when Joey is a teenager.


Pacapod Firenze - Another pick from Pacapod isnthe Firenze and this really reminds me of a mulberry bag. Again the leather looks fantastic and it doesn't look like a changing bag. The firenze comes in 3 colours; putty, Chocolate and Pewter (available early august). My favourite colour has to be the pewter, even though they are all great shades.



Jem & Bea Marlow Camo - here's one for both mums AND dad's...who doesn't love a bit of camo print. This looks so roomy and again, another bag that doesn't instantly scream BABY CHANGE BAG. This one is reasonably priced aswell compared to my other two picks. I know that my hubby wouldn’t mind carrying this bag around instead of our current one which is very pretty and girly.  

toTs by Smart Trike Voyage Beige Mélange - I've seen some great reviews of this bag circling through my social media. I had no idea Smart Trike did changing bags, i thought they just manufactured trikes! This shade of grey is so nice, i like that it's plain and not got a gimicky pattern. It looks like a really great size aswell, not too big.
So those are my favourite changing bags at the moment. Do you have a favourite out of those four?

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