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Lauren's tips on routine for your little ones

Friday, 20 January 2017  |  Admin


When my son had just passed the newborn stage we had a pretty good routine in place. Fast forward 2 years and his routine hasn't been very strict. Is it essential though to get into a routine early on and stick to it?

Most parenting books that I have read have all stressed the importance of getting into a routine with your baby. Some people do stick to routines but others just don't, it all depends on our personal situation. There is no right or wrong way of having a routine, it's just what works for you.
I have recently started working full time so we have got into a routine but it will change soon once I start shifts. I'm a bit worried that once my hours change, his routine will be disrupted. I think it's important that children have routine and even now that things have changed i hope to stick to our routine as much as possible.

Here are some tips on getting your child into a routine
1) Bedtime – being consistent with the bedtime routine is important. Start off by having a set time to give them a bath, get them in pj’s, bottle of milk, story time and then pop them in bed.

2) Accept changes – even if you stick to a set routine there are bound to be some nights where the routine may not go to plan but try not worry. Your child may be going through a growth spurt.

3) Change routine to suit age – as your child gets older it’s inevitable that their routine will change. Toddlers still need routine so things just need to be adapted to how they are developing.

4) Inform them – it’s always a good idea to actually tell your child whats happening instead of just doing it .
Sticking to a routine isn’t for every family but in my experience, having a routine in place makes bedtime and mealtimes so much easier.
Do you have a routine in place?