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Lauren's Mummy and little me wish list

Friday, 3 February 2017  |  Admin


I always have a mental list of things on my wishlist to buy. As a mum I don't really get to splurge on anything but if I did have the money here are a few things on the Mummy & Little Me website that are calling out to me at the moment...

Katie Loxton Chloe Buxton Bag - £49.99
This new Katie Loxton bag is absolutely gorgeous and screams summer vibes! I believe this is the first non baby change bag stocked in the Mummy & Little Me blog and looks like a super expensive designer bag. Avaialble in 3 colours, my favourite is the grey

Pacapod Firenze - £275
As you may have seen from a previous post, I am the proud owner of the Pacapod Jasper which is the most gorgeous baby change bag I've ever owned. In the past, before I became a mum, tote bags were my style staple. The Pacapod Firenze is another changing bag looks like a handbag which is something I look for in a bag that I can fit mine and my son's stuff in. The firenze comes in 5 shades; putty, pewter, Chocolate, claret & Latte. My favourite shade is Latte.

Jem + Bea Farah bag - £120
Across the body bags are always great when you just need to take a few things out with you. This Jem + Bea Farah bag, is lovely and just so smart. The leather embellishment on the front makes it look a lot more expensive than it is. Jem + Bea are another brand that produce gorgeous quality bags.


Katie Loxton Perfect Pouch - £16.99
I must admit, when I have a big handbag I tend to lose everything in it. Something that would help organise the inside of any bag is these gorgeous pouches from Katie Loxton. Available in a range of colours and with different slogans on they are the perfect accessory. Not only are they perfect for keeping things tidy in your handbag but also a small clutch bag to carry around.

The Mummy & Little me website is stocked with some gorgeous goodies at the moment suitable for any budget. I can see that Katie Loxton products are going to be a massive hit with the amount of gorgeous products on offer.
Which is your favourite?