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Ladies I got shushed

Monday, 4 June 2018  |  Admin

Ladies, I got shushed. 


No, not in school. In Chiquitos, by a woman. A fully grown women whom I didn’t know. A woman I’d not spoken to, not insulted, not hurt, barely looked at. She shushed me.


I’ll set the scene. The Fouassier family are hungry, it’s 12 o’clock,  lunch time. We size up the eateries available to us and decide on the above Mexican chain. So far so good. 


12:15 - Our four month old is due a feed so Mr F takes her to the toilets to change her nappy. (What a dad!) 


12:20 - Mr F emerges with baby all freshened up and ready for her lunch. 


12:21 - The waitress takes our order. All going very well so far. Both children behaving. 


12:22 - Baby decides she is absolutely starving and needs that milk. Immediately. She’s not messing around. Babies don’t play at a time like this.


12:22 - Milk was already prepped so Baby is handed to me and begins her feed. It’s her Heaven, eyes rolling & quickly becoming milk drunk.


Please note above- the time at which the crying began and the crying, naturally, stopped. 


What I failed to mention was the woman at a table approximately three metres away from us, turning to me and ‘shushing’ me, well, shushing our four month old. You know, the baby who cannot control her emotions and who’s only way of telling us that she’s hungry, is to cry. 


It definitely put a sour taste in our mouth for the duration of the meal (and no, it wasn’t the sour cream on the fajitas!) 


Anyway, fast forward to said woman exiting the restaurant with a ‘tut’ and a shaking of her judgmental head. She was visibly complaining to her partner about the situation, she was clearly very disturbed by our hungry child. Strange. 


Part of me really wanted to run outside and demand to know what her problem was, but the sane part of me just smiled and waved at her. Kill her with kindness.  The same can’t be said for the woman & partner who proceeded to use hand gestures towards us. Nice. 


It really bothered me. Whether this woman was a mother or not, is irrelevant. Since when did people become so judgmental? I could understand if we left the baby crying in her pram while we enjoyed our meal but we didn’t. We ‘fixed’ the situation quickly as, I hope, any good parents would do. 


We’ve all been there I’m sure, you get all anxious that other people are staring. You might get the odd look of sympathy from a fellow mum, or a wink that secretly says, “stay strong,”. 


But please, do not shush a mother who is trying to comfort her child. Because had my nachos not been on their way, I may not have been so nice. 


Rant over Amigos! 




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