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Labour Induction Process: Our Top Tips

Tuesday, 26 June 2018  |  Admin

Following my birth story, here’s my hints and tips specifically tailored to induction of labour:


  1. Take lots of entertainment! It can take a couple of days for things to get started and so it’s worth taking bits to keep you and your partner entertained. We purchased internet from the hospital, so I could watch Vlogs and read Blogs. I’d take magazines, word searches or anything that will help you pass the time. I’d also take a charged power bank to top the battery up on your phone just in case there’s not a free plug socket or it’s too far away from your bed (mine was).
  2. Take extra clothing and specifically something nice and comfortable. I didn’t want to sit in my pjs all day so took a couple of pairs of leggings that I could wear while waiting for things to kick off. Also flip flops for the shower are a must!
  3. Take a cooling spray/face mist. Now this is a random one, but I used this with my first labour as well as It’s so nice to refresh in a boiling hot hospital.
  4. Food! We couldn’t eat in our bed and were instead given tokens for the cafe, but I was so sore and fed up I didn’t fancy sitting there so all the snacks I packed came in handy
  5. Get your partner to pack a bag (I’d recommend this for any type of birth). They also spend long days in hospital so may want to freshen and pop some clean clothes on or brush their teeth etc.
  6. Be open minded about pain relief because induced labours tend to be quite intense so do whatever it takes to get through it!
  7. Take a final photo of your bump. I completely forgot to do this and once my labour started it was so intense the last thing I thought about was a picture of my bump.
  8. Think about whether you need to use the car park or if someone could drop you and your birth partner off. When you’re in for a few days the cost of the car park really adds up!
  9. My final tip is to have a think about whether you want visitors and make your feelings known before you go to hospital. We decided on none during induction as I didn’t feel I could handle it emotionally, but some people would find it uplifting. If you don’t want surprise visitors, it’s worth thinking about before you get to hospital, so everyone knows where they stand.

        Good luck and come back next week for my induction hospital bag!