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Kid's party hangover

Tuesday, 19 September 2017  |  Admin

The kid’s party hangover


Going down the stairs this morning there is a scattering of deflated balloons, remains of wrapping paper, banners peeling off the walls and fruit shoot bottles littered everywhere like an underage rave. There are bowls on the side of half eaten cheese puffs and you consider serving the Paw Patrol birthday cake for everyone’s breakfast. The bins are overflowing it can only mean one thing. It is the day after Elijah’s third birthday party.

Every year we say we are not going to throw him another party, every year we do. It is like we cannot stop ourselves, like we want to go through the agony of organising and opening our house up to 8 under 4’s including one birthday boy who is yet to learn to share. For Elijah’s first birthday I hired out a hall and spent a small fortune on soft play where around 5 kids turned up. I went to so much effort I felt I had too, in my mind after the year he had having open heart surgery at 6 months I had to make it the best birthday ever. One that he will not even remember but whilst suffering from PTSD this completely made sense to me.

Elijah’s 2nd birthday we had at home in the garden and again I went overboard and spent the whole day stressed out to the max and wishing it was over. This year I decide we will have it in the house and we will keep it simple. Lists are made, and food is brought. But waking up Sunday morning I am manic trying to set up and get everything perfect for the party whilst balancing a new born and very excited toddler. Although we simplified everything, including the food I still feel this immense pressure for it to be good for him. Why do we do it to ourselves? Honestly, I cannot remember many of my birthday’s never mind if I had a party or not. I know it doesn’t make you a bad parent if you do not have a kid’s party but I just cannot stop myself.

I think a lot of it is to do with Elijah’s start in life, I feel we do have to celebrate and give him the best birthday we can. Not just for him but for me. Perhaps if I can begin to create some amazing positive birthday memories it will replace the fact that the day Elijah was born was also one of the worst of my life. With him ending up in NICU fighting for his life.

We have already said we will not have a party for him next year, but you know we will I don’t know why I even bother saying it. Granted it probably will not take place in our slightly small house which when 8 kids a slide, and an inflatable Marshall ball pit were in you couldn’t really move. Do MCD still do parties? Is that still a thing?

Now, I am off to eat leftover cake and hoover up the half-eaten brownies someone shoved behind the radiator and wonder if the stress twitch I have developed will disappear with copious amounts of gin!

We most certainly are all suffering from the kid’s party hangover, even the poor terrorised cat.