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Katie Loxton's Perfect Pouch

Wednesday, 12 July 2017  |  Admin

Katie Loxton Perfect Pouches and why we love them so much!


We have been stocking the Katie Loxton perfect pouches for over a year now - the new range is even more stunning than the previous and they are proving to be great sellers in our Gifts Women Want section. This season we have seen them become slightly more blingy with the font of the writing curvy and sexy just like the pouches. The only problem we have with this range is we never know which ones to pick as we love them all! This year we have picked shimmering 'Hey Beautiful '  An oyster coloured pouch that is perfect for any night out, plus a few other new ones including the Stardust Clutch which is stunning ( see picture below)

These pouches retail at £16.95 or if you are buying a luxury baby changing bag then you can use the code ' extra' and pop one of these great bags in for free!  The great thing about them is quite simple - if you are a hand bag freak and constantly swapping from one to another then you can keep all your essentials in it then swap over with ease. They also really come into their own if you are travelling, we all found ( yes we all have at least 2 ) that if you pop your passports and boarding passes etc in them then it was so handy going through the airports rather than scrambling around and trying to find the right paperwork it was all in hand. Then once you have arrived at your destination you can use them as your evening bag - genius. 

So apart from Hey Beautiful another new pouch is the Marvellous Mum, a great gift for a new or expectant Mum or for a baby shower. 


Or a great bag for the evenings are the brand new Stardust Clutch which is slightly more expensive than the pouch but absolutely stunning, at time of press our suppliers had run out before they even arrived in - so if you fancy one of these then grab your stardust in Black or Shimmering Champagne as early as you can.  They will be available to pre-order from late July.