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Katie Loxton's Florrie is our Florence Nightingale

Wednesday, 9 August 2017  |  Admin

Katie Loxton Handbags

When we took on Katie loxton for our new Gifts women want section we had no idea how popular the brand would be with our customers.  We also had no idea that we would fall in love with nearly every product – which is quite dangerous when you have access to a whole brochure of gorgeous things ...

The most beautiful of these gorgeous new things ( in our humble opinion ) is the new range of Handbags – The Florrie hitting the number one spot for us

Florrie – I don’t think in 11 years I have been so excited about a new product, when we met Florrie – the beautiful Florrie – Tracy and I fell hopelessly in love, both of us trying her over our shoulder and prancing about the Belfry fantasising that we could take her home ....




Although she is not real leather she is made from sumptuous material and looks and feels like leather – but the best thing about her is the size and shape – she  slips under your shoulder and you won’t even know she’s there. Her shape nestles in to your body perfectly as if you were made for each other.

Oh and the stitching – oh the stitching sexy western style side stitching that sets her apart from any other handbag. Did we mention the tassel ! Yes they are all the rage this season – a tassel is a must don't you know.

Lastly your Florrie, who surely is named after Florence Nightingale as she’s a life saver -  is priced at something most of us can afford – I think you will find that at £49.99 it’s a fair price for perfection.


Don’t forget at time of writing we are doing a great offer – spend £30 or more in our Gifts women want section and get a £10 voucher from us –just pop the word ‘ gifts’ in the voucher box at check-out.

PS stock is limited so don't leave it too long!