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Katie Loxton's arrival is like Christmas day

Friday, 21 October 2016  | 

We all love what we do here at Mummy & Little Me, in fact we freely admit if we won the lottery we would still come in to work as it's such great fun (is that sad to admit?) However the last week has been even more exciting than normal..we have been working hard  on launching  our new gifts - the difference here is that these gifts are just as popular for 16 year olds as they are for 80 year olds ( we know we have tested on ALL members of our families).  So this is not something just aimed at Mummy's - we hope you will love them all and get just as excited as we are. 


The idea  started when we met Charlotte from Charlotte's Web Jewellery, we fell head over heals in love with the spinning rings and decided we either needed to start a new website ( yes we loved it that much we were prepared to do this!) Or we could simply add on ours ....




Where to put spinning rings on a Maternity and Baby website ??  Dum de dum..... Ah yes lets start a whole new catorgory.

So here we have it - then we discovered Katie Loxton, the thing about teh Katie Loxton range is we feel everything we have picked could be given to any one of our friends and family and they would all be loved - we have picked beautiful pouches that can be used for evening bags, make-up or anything you want ( maybe even a pencil case if you are doing your A levels) , scarves, candles that smell divine, make-up bags with funny slogans on - and so it goes on.


Then lastly but by no means least is Joma Jewellery, comtemporary, inexpensive and very easy to wear we have picked a few little gems up for you - watch this space as nearer to Christmas we may even use some of it as free gifts instead of the swaddles....


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