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Katie Loxton are bag mad!

Friday, 5 March 2021  |  Admin


We love Katie Loxton and have been stocking them since they first launched in 2014. I will never forget walking on to their stand in a hotel in the Midlands and being blown away by a beautiful array of pouches! Every colour and sentiment you could imagine, Tracy and I were like children in a sweet shop and didn't not where to start (or stop!). We totally fell in love with the brand and 6 years later we are still very giddy every time the new season Katie Loxton arrives - which is now! 

 Katie Loxton Pouches

After Pouches the next thing that came along was beautiful amazing handbags... Glorious shapes and colours that won't break the bank!  Here are some of her new season ones, the brooke backpack and the Sophia Tassel Bag which comes in lots of colours and sold out last season very quickly. 

However the buzz this season is about something new, something that even made it too National TV and was talked about and shown on 'This Morning' blimey the website went bonkers for a few days! Even you missed it (like we did) then all you need to know is that the Katie Loxton weekend bags are very much sought after. In fact so sought after we have been out of stock or on pre-order more than we have in stock. The thing we cannot get our around is why is everyone buying weekend bags :) ???  Anyway maybe you are all nesting, maybe some of you are buying them as hospital bags - whatever the reason is, if you fancy one then don't delay as wham bam and they will be out of stock again I would think.... 

Also while we think about it we are doing a Katie Loxton promo and offering 15% off all their products, so now is the time!  Please use code 'Mother' ends 14th March 2021.... if you are reading this too late then click here for our latest deal or get in touch in case we are just about to launch something - we normally have something up our sleeve, like a lovely free gift or a discount. 

Katie Loxton Holdalls


As if that wasn't exciting enough then Katie Loxton have only gone and done a mini version this season, the mini Kensington comes in 3 colours and is another stunner... at £69.99 then with your 15% off  (£59.49) this handbag will match beautifully with your large Kensington and yes will certainly look the part when you next whizz off to Marbs... or wherever your favorite destination is (we are crossing our fingers here). But look even if it's a weekend in Cornwall it's still a very nice set of luggage to have on your arm.  So if you are flirting with the idea of a new bag but can't choose, then as always just get in touch as that is why we are here! 

Also lastly but not least by any means, Happy Mother's Day to you all, it's been tough we know, sometimes we felt like bad Mother's ( which we are not), when we let our kids play on their ipads to give us peace, sometimes we were exhausted, so did not give them the attention they wanted,  sometimes we talked to the wall to avoid talking to toddlers and teenagers. I am absolutely sure, even those 'perfect' Mother's than you see on social media have cried and shouted like the rest of us.... so pat yourself on the back right now please - you are amazing xx 

katie loxton mini kensingtons