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Julie has her first NCT Class

Friday, 15 April 2016  |  Admin

NCT, Midwife and a Scan!

This week has been pretty busy pregnancy-wise!

We went to our first NCT class. It was nice to meet others at the same stage of pregnancy as us and find out what they'd done so far to prepare for baby's arrival. It was interesting to hear that no one else really knew what to expect from the class either! The leader was a bit abrupt and wouldn't answer some of our questions, but other than that we learnt some new things (most useful was how to recognise baby's cues for hunger) and hopefully we will make some good friends.

Then I had an appointment with the midwife. She seemed pleased with how everything is going and had a feel for the baby, which she said was head down. She also listened to the heartbeat, which is always nice to hear, and off we went on our way!

Next came the scan. I have been due to have scans at 28, 32 and 36 weeks since the start of the pregnancy anyway due to an underlying medical condition and slightly increased risk of pre-eclampsia. So we weren't at all worried and were mainly hoping to just confirm the gender of the baby (a girl, although no one has ever been prepared to commit to this so hence the checking!).

Unfortunately the baby was still in an awkward position; head up, legs down, breech, as she was at 28 weeks, so the sonographer was unable to shed any more light on the gender! She said it was tricky to take measurements too but we didn't really think much of it.

Afterwards we saw the doctor and it turns out that they aren't too thrilled with the baby still being in the same breech position as at 28 weeks so they want to do a scan at 36 weeks (which they were otherwise doing anyway) to check the position of the baby then, and if she's still breech then we can consider trying to turn her or having a c-section. Something to think about! At the least it has focused our minds that the baby might turn up a few weeks earlier than we thought as turning the baby can bring on labour.

In addition to this, it turned out that the baby measured small so they want me to have an additional growth scan at 34 weeks. I'm not overly concerned as I'm working on the assumption that the sonographer measured inaccurately due to the position of the baby (she was definitely muttering that it was hard to get a whole leg in shot!) so we'll just wait and see. I'm glad for the extra scan for reassurance, anyway.

Next week we've got a double whammy of NCT (an evening and a full day!) so I'll update you on how we get on there!