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Jules is coming to terms with news

Tuesday, 17 May 2016  |  Admin

When I try to think back over the past week of this pregnancy, I always get stuck at Tuesday.

It's a bit of a shame really as hubby arranged a surprise 'baby shower' for me on Saturday. A friend took me for afternoon tea and when we arrived lots of other friends were there, I including a couple of my lovely uni friends who don't live locally. One friend gave me a whole bag of clothes from her little girl, which was so kind. It's lovely looking at them and imagining our baby in them!

Anyway, Tuesday. We had our scan to see if the baby was still breech. Despite all of my best efforts, she was. So this means we'll be having a Caesarean section. In just under two weeks' time, eeeek!

The reason it's so soon (and this is the bit that's freaked me out a little bit) is that the baby is measuring small. At our hospital they usually deliver babies measuring below the 10th centile at 37 weeks, as there is an increased risk of stillbirth in small babies.

But they like to deliver breech babies at 39 weeks, to ensure they're fully cooked and cope with the 'trauma' of a breech birth.

So they've decided to split the difference with me and have booked me in for a c-section at 38 +1. I'm trying to get excited about meeting our little girl but at the moment I'm just trying to get over the shock that it's actually happening, and not in the way that I was hoping for.

I’m hoping to be able to ‘negotiate the terms’ of my caesarean section a little bit, and, provided baby is okay when she comes out of course, have delayed cord clamping and immediate skin to skin time, for at least an hour before the medical profession start interfering!