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Jodies top 5 baby changing bags

Friday, 20 May 2016  | 

I've always been a bag person and that didn't change when I became a mum  - it just transferred over to changing bags.

I am completely obsessed with changing bags and I always have a new bag crush on the horizon. I have to admit that my Jem + Bea Beatrice bag is my favourite by far and I hope that I can continue to use it for a long time, but that doesn't stop me wanting a new one so I can change things up every now and again and try out new styles.

      Mummy and Little Me have the biggest range of changing bags that I've ever seen and I love keeping an eye on what's new and what's popular. I love reading bag reviews to see how real mums use their bag in a normal day-to-day setting. I love looking at the glossy professional photos but when it comes to bags I also like to look on Instagram or Pinterest to see how they are really being used and styled. It's usually through looking at these pictures and reading blogger reviews that I can come to a decision if the bag is right for me or not. I like to see the bag photographed in a real life setting to get an idea of the size. Each bag has the dimensions and weight listed in the product description of the Mummy and Little Me website so it's something that I definitely recommend checking before purchasing. In the past I have bought bags that have arrived and had to be returned due to being too big or heavy for my needs. I have checked all these ones out though and I can assure you that I would be very happy to use any of these beauties and I can be quite fussy.

So if you are currently looking to buy a changing bag then look no further as I have rounded up my top 5 favourite leather ones for you, they are:


  1.Jem + Bea Amber £230

It's no surprise that a Jem + Bea bag makes it to my number 1 spot, the quality and attention to detail of my Beatrice bag is amazing and I'm definitely loving this new Amber style! I could be a bit biased here as Jem + Bea is probably my favourite changing bag brand at the moment. I love them all but most of all this beautiful Amber bag catches my eye, as apart from it's chic design and the fact that it looks nothing like a changing bag I love its dimensions, it isn't too big! This Amber bag is a good size to fit in all your baby essentials and more but it isn't absolutely massive, so if you tend to be an over packer I would recommend this bag as it won't let you pack the whole kitchen sink. It also helps that it's absolutely stunning, as with most of these leather bags they are investment pieces which will last you way beyond the baby years. I can imagine getting a lot of use out of this bag and using it just for me once my daughter is out of nappies. I especially love the dove grey colour as it would go with anything but if you're more of a classic kind of girl then it's also available in black.

2. Pacapod Firenze £265 This bag is absolutely gorgeous and I love the whole idea behind the separate pods, I'm quite an organised person and I would love to try these out. I like everything to have its own designated place, so if you like to be organised and know exactly where everything is then I would recommend this bag. It's available in 2 colours which are the chocolate or my personal favourite the putty colour. I love how it already comes with stroller straps and how the pods can be removed and used separately. Each pod has a separate top clip so you can attach them directly to your pram handle if needed, the feeding pod can even be used as a toddler backpack as it has padded straps. There is nothing to not love about this bag, it's amazing, I can imagine it being especially good if you have more than one child.

3. Storksak Noa £165 I've always admired the Noa bag for its style and simplicity. The canvas version is gorgeous (hello beautiful yellow) but now they have brought out a leather one it's definitely caught my eye. It's available in black or tan and the best thing about it is the price, compared to the other leather changing bags around these are at the lower end of the market which is a definite plus. Just because it's cheaper doesn't mean that it's lacking anything either, it comes with a removable mini organiser bag, changing mat and has a insulted bottle pocket. It also comes with built-in stroller straps which I love. I like how the bottle pocket is tucked away in a side zip pocket as well so no one would ever know it's there if you didn't want them to.

4. Kerikit Aryella £370 There is no doubt that this bag is gorgeous, I love the classic black colour and the abundance of pockets that it has but yes you saw that right, no it wasn't a typo this bag costs £370. I know that is a lot of money for a changing bag and no i can't afford one either but some people out there can. The price doesn't stop me wanting one though, this changing bag is very luxurious and I know that it wouldn't appeal to everyone due to the high price, it is for a reason though which is that these bags are made from Italian Nappa leather and they take approx 9 months to make. The price reflects the labour and time involved in making one of these bags. They are only available in very limited numbers so that adds to the allure of the bag. It is aimed at mothers or business women who want a luxurious leather bag for daily use. I personally don't know how these compare to the competition in quality as I've never had the opportunity to see one up close. It is very gorgeous though and my favourite features are the bottom waterproof pocket where you could store soiled clothes or an umbrella (I never know where to put those things) it's nicely tucked away and keeps the other items in your bag dry, clean and hygienic.. I also love the leather fob that the bag comes with as it stores a handy mirror and there's also room for a photo, the changing mat can also double as a laptop sleeve or you could use it to store your toddlers snacks. I'm as sucker for anything multifunctional and I love how this bag has lot's of options. It also has a IRO (internal removable organiser) and 2 bottle pockets so it would have lots of room for all your needs.

5. Tan and Teal Pimlico £220 This bag is an oldie but a goodie! It looks absolutely gorgeous and it's completely unique. I love the styling and the beautiful bright interior it's just beautiful. Again like all these leather bags you wouldn't know from the outside that they are designed as a baby changing bag. They will last way beyond the baby years so it's important to choose a good quality one that you love. Sadly I think that this brand are no longer with us but this bags beauty stands the test of time and in my eyes makes it more unique and sort after. I personally like to have a bag that not everyone else does, so this would be a good one to go for. All these bags are currently showing as in stock on the Mummy and Little Me website when I submitted this post. It was hard for me to narrow it down to just five bags as I could easily have chosen 5 from each brand off the top of my head. Each one of these bags has its own style and unique features to the brand. Please let me know in the comments below if I helped narrow down your search for a leather changing bag or if you have a different one that you can recommend to me and tell me why you love it. - Jodie x      

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