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Jodie's shows us her favorite changing bag and tells us why

Monday, 16 January 2017  |  Mummy and Little Me

If your looking for a changing bag that can double up as a smart work bag then look no further. As a mum you want your bag to be multi-functional in your day to day life whether you are at the park with your child or in the workplace. All my picks are towards the high end of the spectrum as I feel that I would pay more for a bag that I was going to use long term rather than just for 1 year and then chuck it in my wardrobe. I want my bag to make me feel happy and special and if it's going to be with me everyday for years then I am happy to pay more. I love leather bags as they look very stylish and classy, they also look better with age and wear. All the ones I've picked looked just like high end designer handbags but inside they are a perfectly thought out changing bag. My picks are:



Jem + Bea - Beatrice £199 - I've owned this bag and the quality and attention to detail are second to none, the tote shape means that it can be worn over the shoulder. It has multiple pockets inside and a large separate compartment perfect for a laptop or work folder. As one of the designers used to work for Mulberry you know that everything about this bag is going to be quality. The only problem will be choosing the colour as it comes it orange, taupe or black.

Pacapod Madison £290 - I love the 60's style element to this bag, and as it comes with the two unique PacaPod pods (which I am a big fan of) it gives the bag even more meaning to being multi-functional. You can drop the pods off with your childminder on the way to work and then keep all your belongings together in the bag, it has 2 large compartments to separate your mum and work life.

Born In Britain Wyn £195 - I love the long handles on this tote as it will fit very comfortably over your shoulder. From the outside no one would guess that this is designed as a baby changing bag. The quality of the leather is amazing and it comes in a great colour range, you can choose from black, khaki and mink. Mink would be my choice.

Kerikit Francis £260 - The black croc embossed leather of this bag is so classy and gorgeous you will definitely look like you mean business with this one. It comes with a padded pocket suitable for your laptop or iPad. Also I love how you can personalise the tag for that extra luxe feel.

Storksak Noa £165- Another great multi-functional bag as it comes with a removable internal organiser which again can be left with your childminder whilst you take the bag to work. The best thing about this bag is the price, it is considerably cheaper than other leather bags and the tote style is always a classic. It's available in a few different colours the clay being my favourite. Which would you choose? - Jodie x