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Jodie's favourite changing bags for baby-wearing

Friday, 18 November 2016  |  Mummy and Little Me

When Sophia was smaller I loved baby wearing as it was a easier to get around without a pram, I loved the closeness but with the positives came the negatives. When we are out and about with the pram I love to store everything on the pram, all the shopping in the basket and my bag off the handles but when I was baby-wearing I had to rethink everything. If your little one is small enough to wear on your front then a backpack is the way to go. If you carry on your back then a small messenger style of bag is probably best. It is really hard to figure out what is best for you, I carried my daughter when she was a toddler so if she was walking and got tired then I could put her up on my back. I searched for the perfect bag for ages but gave up in the end as she got too heavy for my back anyway. I would definitely put a lot more thought into it next time as I wanted a bag big enough to carry the carrier, I got really hot as well so room for a drink is another must. I also wanted spare room in my bag for any shopping that I might buy so I really wanted a lot from my baby wearing bag. Versatility is key especially if you don't plan to baby wear full time you want your bag to still work with your pram and to look stylish. Here are my top bags suitable for baby wearing - hkmndzi Ju-Ju-Be - BFF £155 - this bag has got it all as you can wear it as a backpack or as a messenger. It can also can be attached to your pram via additional pram straps bought separately. It looks stylish especially in this leopard print which I love! They do have some more unisex prints available but this one really stands out to me. I especially love this bag over the others because the straps are very well padded and super comfortable. It also isn't too big as you want to avoid the pack horse look. Pacapod Hastings £69 - this is a great budget option and it looks stylish too. I love that like the one above it can be worn as a backpack or converted into a messenger across the body style. Babymule £84 - This is another great all rounder as it can be worn as a backpack or messenger. It also comes with pram straps so it can be hung from from handle bars. This isn't the most stylish looking bag but it's built to last and has a lot going for it, this one would be a great unisex option. Pink Lining Mini Messenger £39 - I had this when I was baby wearing my daughter on my back. It fits all that you need in for a small trip out minus any shopping but you could fit a fold up tote in there. I love that even though this bag is compact is has a removable bottle holder for your drink, something that i missed with the previous Mum On The Run bag that I had before this. Overall it depends how old your little one is and what your needs are. I would love to know what bag you use for baby wearing as I remember that I really struggled to find one suitable for me. - Jodie x

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