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Jodie's favorite gifts on our website

Monday, 19 September 2016  |  Admin


Mummy and Little Me are experts in changing bags but did you know that they also sell lot's of other stuff too such as gifts for mummy and baby.

This week I have picked out my favourite gifts perfect for a newborn baby.

Aden + Anais Comforter £19.95 I love that these are unisex and are made from a super soft luxurious cotton and that they are machine washable, a must if it's going to spend a lot of time being chomped on by a baby. I love the added satin trim for that extra luxe vibe.

Aden + Anais 2 Pack Swaddle £29.95 I put swaddles on our gift list years ago but we never got any bought us and we kind of forgot about them. We had a lot of trouble getting her to sleep on her own as she always wanted to be in my arms cuddled. I now wonder if we would have swaddled her if she would have slept better and we wouldn't be co-sleeping to this day. Next time I will definitely be trying swaddling. Aden + Anais Disney Bambi Musy's £19.95 Muslins are a must have for any parent as they were the no.1 staple product in my changing bag after nappies and wipes. You can use them for lots of things such as a sunshade,blanket, swaddle (if big enough) or a breastfeeding cover. Also how cute is this Disney collection! If I had these I would definitely save one away in the memory box as they are so special.

Storksak Organic Little Traveller Set £20 This is the perfect little giftset, it also looks too pretty to open. I've wanted to try out the Storksak skincare range but rather than paying out for a full size product this little set is a great inexpensive way to try out most of the range.

Sophie Prestige Blanket Set £37.99 Everyone loves Sophia La Giraffe and see's it as a prestige baby product. This is a very beautiful set and the blanket would be perfect for bringing the baby home from hospital in.

Milestone Mini Cards £13 there are a lot of milestone cards about at the moment but these ones are different because they are blank. You can date them and keep them away in a keepsake box. Also you can write some unique first time moments on them things that you won't find one the printed ones in the shops.

Gift Voucher £10 you can never go wrong with gift vouchers. If mama has her heart set on a leather luxury bag gift vouchers are a great way for everyone to chip in and hopefully she can get her dream bag or buy some cute essentials for the baby.