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Jodie's favorite changing bags for the guys

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Here is my round-up of my favourite styles perfect backpack changing bags for Dads 






I love backpacks and find one essential if I'm out sans pram with my energetic toddler. Here are my favourites:


  • Storksak Hero in Black I love the style of this bag and if my husband had it I would want to use it too.  It has a clean effortless design and looks strong. It comes in at £125 but unlike other backpacks it has sections so everything is not lost at the bottom. It would be a great bag to take to gym once baby is bigger so that is quite a selling point. Iy features a thermo-insulated bottle holder and a luxury padded changing mat.
  • Petunia Pickle Bottom is brand new in from the USA. This fabulous brand is one of the best selling nappy bag brands over there and have just arrived here in 2018. Most of the bags are quite feminine but we think this is a great unisex changing bag and both parents would be happy with it on there back. PPB brand has something no English brand has, they have a nappy changing station - you simply unzip and fold out and voila!  This changing bag  backpack comes in at £159
  • Storksak Travel Backpack in Grey. This rucksack changing bags comes in Black, Grey and Navy, the great is super smart and is part of a great selection of suitcases and duffle bags if you want the whole chabang! The Storksak baby brand has been around for quite a few years so they know what they are doing when it comes to anything baby. A really strong bag and of course it has the mat and bottle warmers in as well a snip at £85
  • PacaPod Pico changing bag - The PacaPod 3-in-1 system is unlike any other, if Dad is organised, or if you want him to be then a bag from this great brand is what you need. This backpack has a zip the whole way down the bag making it very accessible. The Pico comes in at £98, we gather it's very comfortable  on your back as well!


Messenger style changing bags for the husbands!





I love the cross body satchel style of bag and I find that they can look more fashionable than backpacks, so if your partner is more fashion focused then one of these might be for him:


  • Pacapod Prescott  is a rather  smart rugged looking satchel.  It does  expand quite a lot so you have the option of using this for twins too. This messenger style bag also has a separate section for for a laptop which is padded. you have the option of a slim of generous expandable profile making this changing bag perfect for twins too.   Like all Pacapods this comes with both organisation pods and a changing mat. I think that this is an absolute bargain for the price. Both pods can be flat packed as they are the lite version of the original pods, handy for making extra room in the bag if you aren't using them. It also comes with stroller straps and a changing mat. As far as i know these lite pods don't come with the clothes bag or the thermo bottle holder. £105
  • PacaPod Oban in Navy I love the colour of this bag, it does come in other colouts but there are not many blue changing bags out there so this stands out. This has the usual PacaPod organisation system, so 3 pods in one making it a very functional and clever nappy bag. You can also wear this as a backpack changing bag or a messenger style.  At £85 I would say this is great value


Other dSbyafS

If you have spent all of your budget on a luxury bag for yourself (I can't blame you) or your partner would prefer to use his old skateboarding backpack like mine then he could still use it with a few handy accessories to help such as these:

  • Melobaby Changing Wallet Black £32.95 This is a mini changing bag that is washable, it features a soft fleece changing mat, lots of pockets. It will fit 4 nappies and a change of clothes in as well as your purse, phone and keys and a few other essentials. The only thing that it won't fit is bottles.
  • Pacapod Changing Pod with mat £29.95 I find both of these pods very handy and I can imagine my husband using them without the need for my Firenze bag. Both pods can be clipped to your pram handle on their own. This changing pod has lots of pockets and a small zipped pocket for medication. It comes with a changing mat and small bag for a change of clothes.
  • Pacapod Feeding Pod £19.95 This pod is fully insulated and features a removable thermo bottle holder. It has a zipped pocket perfect for cutlery and it features padded straps so your toddler can use it as a handy backpack. The front pocket is clear so you can put a picture in to personalise it.
Does your partner have a changing bag of their own or do you share the one? I would love to know - Jodie x --

Mummy and Little Me
Monday, 25 July 2016  |  13:17

Jodie you have picked some fab bags for the men - what great taste! did your other half have a say? If anyone else wants to write about their favorite bags then please send us an email!!

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