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Jodie's co-sleeping journey

Tuesday, 9 August 2016  |  Admin


So my daughter turned two last month and we decided that it was time to start getting her sleeping in her own bed.
If you have been following my blog posts then you might have read all about our co-sleeping journey and how it came about here.
Basically we have been co-sleeping since about 3/4 weeks old as she would only sleep in my arms. As soon as I would lay her down in her moses basket or cot she would wake up. She has had her own cot previously but she wouldn't even nap in that either. We decided to go with the flow and wait until she was old enough to understand what is going on and try to make it feel 'special' rather than scary and feeling abandoned.
She now has a cot bed complete with Peppa Pig bedding and I've tried to introduce her to it slowly by playing in her room and sitting on the bed. About 6 months ago there was a shift with her daytime naps as she would always only nap in my arms (I couldn't even transfer her to the couch without her waking) she would now let me carry her and put her in bed and I could sneak away and finally have this 'nap time' to do something productive or relax with jezza kyle. It felt amazing and gave me hope that she wouldn't be sleeping in our bed when she is 20.
I have tried to get her to nap in her own bed but it has never worked so I would always put her in our bed, a epiphany came last month when I decided that her room was too bright and that we needed to invest in a blackout blind. She has some birthday money left over and they have just gone on sale on Amazon so I ordered the Gro Company Gro Anywhere Blind. It arrived yesterday so we set it up and the baby monitor (just incase). She went to sleep on my knee as usual so I transferred her to her bed and she slept for about an hour. At night-time I wasnt sure whether to try or not but I ended up nursing her to sleep (very uncomfortably) in her tiny bed for what felt like forever but hallelujah! She slept in her own bed for the first time ever and until 2.30am. I then brought her back in our bed and she nursed back to sleep. Wish me luck for tonight!
So this is the start of our journey to get my daughter sleeping in her own bed, I know that it could be a long bumpy road ahead but I can't wait to have more space and sleep comfortably again. I will keep you updated with our journey in the future. In the mean time if anyone has any tips on how you made the big change I would love to know? - Jodie x