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Jodie's changing bag essentials

Monday, 23 January 2017  |  Mummy and Little Me


Once you've been a parent for a couple of weeks you usually know what to pack in your changing bag and have it all packed like a pro. You will probably make a couple of mistakes a long the way, one time I forgot breast pads and had to do the old sanitary towel trick (it was quite comfortable actually). So apart from the usual nappies, wipes, muslins etc I've decided to put together a list of 5 items that might not be so obvious to pack in your changing bag but are items that I class as an essential.

A Mirror - Becoming a parent has meant that I rarely get to wear make up these days (or brush my hair sometimes) so carrying around a mirror felt a bit silly. But I have found it very useful especially when I was baby wearing. I used to wear Sophia on my back and I would look in car and shop window reflections to check on her but sometimes I would feel a bit panicked if I couldn't see her face immediately, so a mirror seemed the obvious answer. I could just get it out of my bag and check on her whenever I needed to see if she was OK and still awake. I also found that it inspired me to put a bit of lippy every now and again which even when you have no other make up on it felt uplifting.
Battery pack - These seem to be everywhere at the minute and you can pick them up reasonably cheap. A small battery pack and cable to charge my mobile whenever I need. I used to have an iPhone and I found that I would have to put it back on charge at least once per day due to the poor battery life. Even where I sit at home on my couch there isn't a plug socket close by so using a small portable battery charger was great as it meant that I could still keep my phone next to me whilst charging its also been invaluable when we are out and about as I am rubbish at remembering anyone's phone numbers even my own, so if my phone lost battery and we got stranded somewhere I wouldn't know anyone's number to call. I really should write a list of important numbers on a piece paper and keep it in my purse (memo to self to do just that).
Spare Socks - This is especially important in summer when i'm wearing sandals as I turn up at soft play and realise that I've forgotten socks. So now I always pack us both a spare pair of socks even in winter as we go to a few different playgroups that involve taking our shoes off. A couple of times I have unknowingly stepped in a wet patch either from a spilled drink or someones umbrella or even worse in the bathroom, I then had wet uncomfortable socks and I had to walk home in them, major fail. So now I'm never without spare socks.
Wet Bag - a wet bag is great as if Sophia spills on her clothes or makes a mess from being sick or something (perfect for potty training) then I have somewhere waterproof and contained to keep the dirty clothes. I know that I can put it back in my changing bag and not have to worry that any mess is going to get out and mark my nice changing bag. The wet bag that I use can also be put into the washing machine which is a bonus. Some people carry around a plastic bag for dirty clothes but I don't find them secure enough.
Roll up Silicone Mat - This is something that I use when we go to eat out as its light to carry and hardly takes up any room, I roll it out and Sophia can use it to put her toys on to play or put her food on. Restaurant tables aren't always the cleanest and children's porcelain plates aren't always the safest option to have around them so you can use the mat to put their food on as its clean and safe to eat off. It's especially useful when baby led weaning, you could also use it when weaning with puree food to keep messes to a minimum. I know that if we are out and Sophia makes a mess I always feel that I have to clean up after ourselves before leaving so the mat helps to keep the mess contained for easy cleaning you can just wipe it off with a baby wipe, roll it up and store it in the wet bag until you get home and can wash it properly.

Do you have any none obvious changing bag essentials to share? Please comment in the box below - Jodie x