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Jodie and Potty Training

Tuesday, 16 August 2016  |  Admin

Since my daughter turned two last month we now always get asked 'are you going to potty train soon? The answer is I don't know I'm just going with the flow and taking her lead on things.

After reading many blog posts and online forums the one thing hat stands out to me is people saying 'wait until your child is fully ready, as it won't take very long' so that's what I'm doing.

She often comes to the toilet with me so I talk her through it and she knows what it is. We have a potty around the house and we have introduced what it's for to her. She has recently been showing me some signs that she is getting ready to potty train soon which are:

Over the past 2 days she has starting informing me that she has done something in her nappy and that it needs changing. She has only done this a total of 3 times over the past 2 days so she doesn't do it at every wee but it's a start. She will tell me 'stink' and grab her crotch lol. I think that she has learned that word from her Grandma as it's not one that I use but it has stuck with her.
Getting her to sit and use her potty. I will ask her if she wants to use her 'toilet' (the potty) and get her to sit on it. A couple of times she has sat on it with her nappy on and done her business but a few times I've taken her nappy off and she has done a wee and poo on her potty. She always get's a lot of praise. It's always one step forward and two steps back though as a lot of the time when I ask her she just says a firm 'no'. It depends what mood she is in and I guess if she needs to go.

I can only encourage this behaviour to continue but I'm not upset when she says no, at the moment she doesn't do these things every day maybe a couple of times per week. I've tried sitting her on our toilet even with one of those child inserts fitted but she doesn't like it. She always asks to get off immediately as I think that she is scared of the height, so we will stick with the potty for now.


Follow your child's lead
Don't push them to be train if they don't want to
Buy a potty and introduce it to the household before you plan to train so they can get used to it being there.
Take them with you to the toilet and talk them through wants happening even if you feel stupid.

When you feel that you are getting closer to full on potty training

Start using pull up nappies - I recommend the Asda's Little Angels Peppa Pig pull up's these work as a normal nappy but are a pull up. My daughter loves Peppa Pig is very happy to wear these.
Take them out to buy some grown up knickers/pants, choosing their favourite character on their pants will get them excited to wear them.
Buy a book about going to the potty and a reward/sticker chart.

When training know when it's time to change from the pull up nappy pants which are a very absorbent nappy to the pull up training pants which are less absorbent, they hold the liquid but don't keep the child dry so they can feel when they have done something. Nappies are very absorbent these days so if the child is dry and comfortable they wont want it to be changed. Alternatively leave them in their wet knickers for a minute or two before changing so they know that it doesn't feel nice, encouraging them to stay dry in the future.

I'm no expert on this matter as we are only just starting to think about training but for now I'm trying to be relaxed about the process. If anyone has any tips I would love for you to share them with me in the comments box below - Jodie