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Jodie and her love for Jem + Bea Changing bags

Wednesday, 28 September 2016  | 



It's no secret that Jem + Bea are my favourite brand of changing bag, I fell in love with the brand when I bought the Beatrice bag. It was so luxurious and it looks even better in real life too as you can really see the excellent craftmanship and attention to detail. Most of all I loved the fact that it didn't look like a baby bag and I could see myself using it as a handbag for many years to come. Fast forward to Spring/Summer 2016 when the Amber bag was released. I knew that I needed this bag no matter what it took, the shape, the size, the colour all appealed to me and it was 'perfect' in my mind. It wasn't a rushed purchase fuelled by lust either, I have thought the same way for the past 6 months as this has been no.1 on my wish list and not changed. Sometimes a certain bag will be all I think about and be at the top of my wish list but after a couple of weeks it can fade away before I get it but not with this one. I got the Amber a couple of weeks ago and it didn't disappoint! It lived up to my high expectations and more. It is honestly the most beautiful changing bag I have ever seen and I can't see my opinion changing any time soon. I will stop with the soppy love story haha here is a low down of Amber's features and you can decide if it is the one for you too. Pros

  • Looks a like a high-end handbag! did you know that one half of Jem + Bea used to work for Mulberry? so expect very high quality.
  • Made from beautiful tumbled calf leather.
  • Perfect medium size, some bags are absolutely huge but this is a great medium-sized bag that still fits plenty in! Now that Sophia is older I have learned what I actually need to carry around and what I don't so I don't need a large bag anymore.
  • Features an insulated bottle pocket.
  • The interior is water repellent and easily wiped clean.
  • Comes with a lightly padded changing mat.
  • The interior doesn't scream 'baby bag' so you could use it as a handbag for work and even if someone looked inside they would never know. Some high-end baby bags still have an ugly 'baby bag' interior in my eyes but this one does not.
  • Features a removable wide canvas strap which makes it very comfortable to wear across your body or over your shoulder.
  • Has lots of well thought out interior pockets, so everything has it's own place.
  • Features a large magnetic slip pocket on either outer side of the bag, one features a phone pocket. I love these pockets as it means that I can get quick access to things without having to open the zip.
  • Features an internal leather key fob so can always have easy access to your keys.
  • The bag zips open nice and wide so you can see everything.
  • The leather tag can be personalised via Jem + Bea separately for that extra luxe vibe.
  • The dove grey colour is something else! I really fell in love with the colour of the bag before I loved the bag if you know what I mean. It's absolutely gorgeous and my favourite colour for a bag. It goes with everything, it isn't too light to get dirty easy either. It's also available in black too if you aren't a fan of this colour.
  • Features metal feet on the bottom to protect the undercarriage of the bag.
  • It's expensive, yes I know its pricey but if you only buy one baby bag ever then it should be this one. I hope to use it with another baby down the line and I will use it for when I go back to work so I see it as an investment piece.
If you have more than child or are looking for a larger bag then I reccommend the Beatrice or the Jemima bag. If you want more info on this gorgeous bag please click here. - Jodie x
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