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Jodie admits she's in love with Jem + Bea

Thursday, 14 April 2016  | 


I've had a few changing bags since becoming a parent as I'm always searching for 'the one', each time I get a new one I love it but there is always something making my eyes wander.


       I think of ways that another bag could be better suited for me or I see a new design out that's gorgeous and think that could be it. Well let me tell you ladies I think that I might have just found 'the one', It's absolutely beautiful and the perfect size. It's the Jem + Bea Beatrice tote bag. I've had it just over a month now and I'm still head over heels in love with it. I first laid eyes on it in the pages of Gurgle magazine just before Christmas and then I spent weeks ogling pictures of it on social media, reading reviews and generally just daydreaming of my life with this bag in it. I pictured how much better my life would be with this bag in it. I even picked out a baby blue coloured purse at Christmas with the thoughts of it going beautifully with this orange bag. So I was basically being crazy buying accessories and even clothing to go with this bag without even having the bag yet haha. After much anticipation I finally got my hands on one for my birthday in March. I

'm really picky about changing bags as they have to just be the right size, I've found a lot of them to be far too big like weekend holdall type things but I don't want to carry a huge bag around everyday. Some bags are too heavy even when empty so I was a cautious at first. I spent a lot of time scouring the #jemandbea tag on Instagram to see pictures of it.

I loved all the professional online photos but I wanted to see how it looked in real life and how real life mums used this bag. It comes in 2 colourways the neutral taupe or the colourful orange, I knew immediately that I wanted the orange version. it's funny as I've never had a bright coloured bag before but there was just something about this bag that appealed to me. I love how this bag can brighten up any outfit and go with almost anything. It is a great colour for all seasons and I know that I will get a lot of use out of it. The first thing I thought when I saw this bag was 'wow, that looks like a normal handbag, no one would believe that it's a baby changing bag'. there is no denying that this bag looks like a high-end designer handbag and that's because one of the co-founders Rebecca used to design bags for none other than Mulberry. That explains the gorgeous designs of all the Jem + Bea bags and the amazing quality of the soft leather.

The attention to detail as well really makes it feel special. On the outside of the bag you have a front pocket for your phone or small items. It has a magnetic closure which I thought was a nice touch, this keeps the pocket flat to the bag and stops is hanging open. It has metal feet on the bottom of the bag to protect it if you put it on the ground. The across body strap is very well made and has nice orange accents on which I thought where I nice touch. It has a removable leather logo fob over the front shoulder strap, the straps fit nicely over the shoulder and it is comfortable to wear. I bought this thinking that I would wear it over my shoulder at all times but I also love to wear it across my body. It also fits nicely over your pram handle with the long strap.





Inside it opens up into a organisers paradise, it has lots of pockets and it's here that you can tell that the designers have thought of everything. It has one large pocket to store the well padded changing mat (or laptop), this has a velcro closure. On the other side it has 2 large pockets perfect for your nappies/wipes etc. There is your usual small zip pocket at the top. To the side it has a insulated bottle pocket and one of my favourite features is the leather key fob. It is so handy knowing where my keys are at all times, not just for quick access but also to stop my keys scratching/ripping other items in my bag which is a lesson that I've learned the hard way. There is also tonnes of room in the main pocket to store everything you need and more. I love how the bag isn't too bulky so even when full it's still comfortable to wear over your shoulder.  





Overall I'm very happy with my purchase and can't recommend it enough to anyone that will listen. I can't think of any negatives about this bag apart from the price as it is at the higher end of the scale. I see this as a investment bag, I can use it if I have any more children or as a every day bag when I go back to work. It's a bag than I plan to have around for many years and leather only looks better with time. I'm sure that if I worked it out cost per use in a few years time I will have definitely have had my money worth. So if your thinking of getting a leather changing bag then I recommend checking out the Jem +Bea range. - Jodie x

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