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JEM + BEA Discount code

Tuesday, 9 October 2018  |  Admin

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If you are one of the thousands of Mothers who  has always wanted a JEM + Bea Baby changing bag then right now is the time! 

Use code 'JEM' at  Mummy & Little Me and get a huge 15% off all JEM + BEA changing bags



Background on the brand

JEM + BEA launched their successful changing bag brand with a bang - their best selling Jemima changing bag has taken the leather changing bag market by storm. Mummy & Little Me were the first retailer in the country to sell them and we have never looked back. The JEM + BEA Jemima comes in Black, Tan and now grey and are stunning bags with everything in a new Mum could need.  The brand name JEM + BEA  is named after two of the Director's children - Jemima and Beatrice - hence we also have baby changing bags called Jemima and another called Beatrice. 




Features of the brand

The key to these stunning leather changing bags is they have buckets of style and look like desginer bags - interestingly Rebecca one of the Directors used to be the designer at Mulberry amongst and various other brands - the design shines through that's for sure. These baby bags have everything you need in, of course a changing mat, bottle warmer and in a lot of the bags a gorgeous leather matching purse for all your bits ( see individual bags for features).  The leather is sumptuous, you could go for the smooth leather on the Beatrice and Margot or the the more pebbled leather on the Jemima and the Margot. 

So if you are flirting with the idea of having one of these stunning bags then now is the time while we have a 15% off - still not sure?  Click here  to check out the brand new Margot changing bag.