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Has your home turned into a toy shop ....

Monday, 25 April 2016  |  Admin

Jack has just turned two and in typical toddler style our house resembles a toy shop. I swore when I fell pregnant, that toys would not take over. Two years later, I can categorically say that they have. 
There are so many different types of toys aimed at toddlers that it sometimes difficult to work out what they need and what they could do without. In the early days, when Jack displayed little preference for items I could buy him anything at all and he wouldn't mind. Now he has strong preferences. This in some ways makes toy shopping easier as you know what would captivate your child. Just make sure you don't shop when your toddler is there, that is most definitely harder!
I thought I would share Jack's favourite types of toy. Those toys that currently dominate my living space. I'm sure other parents will have their own lists of must haves, here's mine.
1) Anything that moves - cars, trains, trucks and particularly helicopters
Jack loves playing with vehicles. He particularly loves aeroplanes and helicopters. The collection that he has of these borders on ridiculous. He loves the toot-toot drivers range. Though I do wonder why all the sets are so big! I have had to get rid of a chair in my front room to fit them in. 
Toys like this are great for role playing games. Jack often deals with emergencies like fires with his police car and fire engine. He loves me to play alongside him and get involved. 
2) Puzzles
Jack could spend hours completing puzzles. Every day he empties them out of on the floor and sorts then completes them one by one. You can get puzzles that make the sound of the item or ones that come in 3D form. Puzzles really help Jack's problem solving skills and also help Jack learn to recognise essential items like numbers, animals and the alphabet.
3) Outdoor Toys
Jack is extremely active and loves to be outdoors exploring. He loves slides and is learning to climb and negotiate more difficult challenges physically through this type of physical play. Things like water tables are popular too as Jack loves to to pour water into buckets.
We are going through a difficult phase at the minute where he has become terrified of flies and dogs meaning he is currently unwilling to go in our garden. Hopefully he will get over this soon!
4) Kitchen Equipment
One of Jack's favourite type of toys is all his kitchen equipment. We have been collecting this for a while with his current favourites being his little kitchen, toaster, kettle, food, plates, mop and washing machine. He loves to interact and role play as he makes me dinner and a cup of tea. When I'm loading the washing machine, he often is playing with his. You can even get plastic toys that are stuck together with velcro. These come with a plastic knife so children learn to chop.
5) Books
Jack loves being read to. He likes finishing the end of sentences and identifying objects he can see on the page. This really helps his language and communication skills. We always read to him before nap time and bedtime. Jack will not go to bed without a book!
These are currently some of Jack's favourite types of toy. They all help develop skills that he will need to learn as he gets older.