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Is your toddler a late developer

Saturday, 8 October 2016  |  Admin


If you read my personal blog then you will know that my 2 year year old is pretty behind with his development. He isn't at the same level as most 2 year olds and we've recently started to make progress with getting him some support.

We started to notice signs that he was a late developer probably after he was 6 months old. He didn't sit up, roll over or crawl for ages. He then only started to walk at 18 months old and at 2 years old still doesn't say a word. When Joey had his 2 year review we made the nursery nurse aware of our concerns and talked us through what support they could refer us for; speech therapy and also behavioural support. I was under the impression that we would be months away from receiving any support but we have been surprised at how quickly the ball started to roll.

We had an official meeting with Speech therapy about 1 month after his 2 year review. This meeting was just about observing Joey and learning how he communicates. We were advised that they would schedule a home visit by one of their specialists which is actually happening tomorrow. We also last week had a visit from the health visitor to discuss Joey's behavioural issues, he loses his temper a lot mostly because he gets frustrated that he can't communicate what he wants. We will be getting some extra support with that but just have to wait to see the outcome of tomorrow's visit from Speech therapy.

It's hard to determine whether you think your child has a problem or is just a late learner. I certainly didn't want to do anything about it only for his development to suffer. I find it hard when i see toddlers a bit younger than Joey have an impressive range of vocabulary, at times it makes me sad and i feel its my fault. I know all kids are different but if i can do anything to support him then thats all i want.

But i am confident that we are now on the right track and I'm excited to hopefully see some improvements from him.
Have you been in the same situation with your toddler? I’d love to hear from you

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