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Is your house overun by men and boys?

Tuesday, 4 April 2017  |  Admin


Being A Mum Of Boys.



I'm a 'boy mama', my house is officially over run by men or mini men, I'm outnumbered. Quite often the question I get when I am asked how many children I have and my response is 'two sons', is 'Are you going to try for a girl?'. Obviously, I am absolutely overjoyed to be a mum of two crazy, vivacious boys and now I don't think I would want it any other way, I couldn't even imagine it. I find it a little unsettling when others expect me to not be so satisfied, why does society make us feel as though we must have both boys and girls to have a complete family. Sure there are things I'll miss out on without a daughter, like John not walking her down the aisle, not going on girly shopping days and not being there to help when she has children herself. But there is also so much we gain from having two boys, the relationship my sons have is unbreakable, that bond is so strong and I do really think it wouldn't be so, if one of them was a girl. They're into everything, they're incredibly similar and their love is infinite. I know when they're growing, my youngest will want whatever my eldest has, so chances are their interests will be incredibly similar - win, win right? If I am honest, I was so comfortable being a boy mum with Noah that there was a little relief Patrick was a boy, because it was familiar territory. I'm no amazing hairdresser, so I don't think I'd fair particularly well with some long luscious locks to maintain, I barely run a brush through my own in the morning. 


On international women's day recently it made me quite sad to see so many fellow females using that day to dig at men, it wasn't about that, it was about standing up for women not tearing down males. As a boy mama, I'm fiercely protective of boys. My boys are incredibly sensitive and whilst they can be very stereotypical boys by rolling around in bed and skidding on their knees, they also enjoy playing shops and having their hair stroked - and you know what, they're never too proud or stubborn to have a good old cuddle with their Mum. So guess what, I'm not in no hurry to add another female to the brood - for now I'm happy with pee on the toilet seat and mud pies in the garden.