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Is there a good time to have baby number 2?

1 CommentThursday, 8 September 2016  |  Admin


My little boy is now two and inevitably if and when I want another child is crossing my mind more and more. There are so many factors that influence this decision. When is the right time? Does the right time exist?

For me I have been wanting to try for another baby for a while now. Emotionally I feel completely ready. Physically is a different story. I had a pregnancy complicated with Pregnancy Induced Hypertension and a birth complicated with a C-Section and a Haemmerage. I want to make sure I'm in the best shape possible when I'm next pregnant. Currently I'm not, I'm overweight and am really hoping to lose three stone over the next few months.

A secondary factor affecting our decision is the house we live in. I currently live in a rented two bedroom house and whilst it was a lovely house for a couple, it is a bit small for the three of us without taking into account a fourth. We are looking to move into a rented three bed property soon. We need a room just to store Jack's toys!

Money is also something to consider. Having a child is expensive so we are currently trying to save as much as we can before trying for another child. I'd like to take a full years maternity leave so am planning for the expense of that.

Personally whilst I think you can't get every factor perfect when having a child, the most important thing for me is that I am healthy. Weight loss is therefore a priority. It's something I'm currently struggling with but when I do conquer it, roll on baby number 3! 

Leanne Andrews
Wednesday, 14 September 2016  |  20:46

Being new mum of 2 boys. I loved having just one but i thought he would get lonely. When baby 2 came my eldest was 5 and at school. I'm very much enjoying him being at school and have one2one time with baby.
Everyone is different. I think over thinking it will drive you insane. I say if it is on the cards to it and you can recover after.