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Is Breast always best?

Wednesday, 11 January 2017  |  Admin

Breast Isn't Always Best.

Whilst you're pregnant and in early motherhood, you're almost force fed that breast is best. Now, for me, a mother who bottle fed both of her boys, find it almost insulting. As a parent we all want what is 'best' for our children, but what if what's best for everyone else, isn't what is best for you. I think there are so many personal reasons that may prevent you from breastfeeding, that it's ridiculous for them not to be accounted for and understood. I know myself during both pregnancies, particularly my first, I would find myself justifying when I said I wouldn't be breastfeeding and now when I think back I wish I had just been confident enough in my own choices that it didn't matter my reasoning.

There are mums that can't breastfeed for medical reasons, allergies, tongue ties and a million other reasons, some mums have even had breasts removed due to cancer so the option isn't even there - but should they be forced to open up about their choice, and why they're not doing what society deems is best? I've seen so many mums out there, trying hour after hour to feed their baby, spending the whole night awake, expressing in between feeds and at their wits end all because they are trying to do what is best. Because society makes women who bottle feed seem like less of a mum. I think when you're a parent you figure out pretty quickly that your baby can sense your emotions, and being anxious over a method of feeding isn't something you should feel worries about, of course it's easy to say when I'm not in that situation.

We are so fortunate in this country that we have access to baby milk powder, there is just about a formula for everything whether that be reflux, a hungrier baby, or babies who have allergies. You can usually find something that will work for your family. I feel formula feeding is something we should be embracing and grateful for. In my eyes the diet you feed your child through to their adulthood is much more important, and likely to have a bigger impact on their life.