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Interesting gift ideas for new Mums

Monday, 12 June 2017  |  Mummy and Little Me

When a new baby is born you get lots of gifts and often they can be predictable and duplicated. I like to think out of the box and get something that mum would love and something that she might not necessarily think of to get herself. I put together a gift list that caters for all budgets and I know that I would have been thrilled to receive any of these gifts myself.



  1. Avery Row Go Everywhere Mat £68 - I had my eye on this since it first came out and if I had another baby I would definitely purchase one. It's a luxury high quality mat that you can use at home or when your out and about. There were a lot of times when we would visit groups and the floor would be hard, cold and/or dirty you could take this mat with you knowing that your baby always had somewhere clean and comfortable to sit and play. It would also be great when visiting family or enjoying picnics in the park. It is expensive but it's very high quality and it's made without any harmful chemicals or dyes. It's also machine washable which is a plus, it's also easy to carry with you because it comes with a leather strap that you can attach to your pram handles.
  2. Bloom and Blossom Nip and Lip Soothing Balm £16 - I used the standard Lansinoh lanolin balm when I had Sophia and it was great but next time I would love to try this, it still has pure lanolin as the main ingredient but it also has coconut and passion flower oil too which I would like to think makes it even more moisturising and hydrating to the skin. I love how it is marketed as a multi-purpose product and I would use this on both my lips and nipples and I feel that it is worth that extra bit of money if it's good. Have any of you used both? - I would love to know which you prefer and why.
  3. Klean Kanteen Stainless Steel Reusable Bottle £16.95 - I hate drinking water I have to force myself to do it and one way that has helped is by buying myself a nice water bottle. after a lot of research I choose a Klean Kanteen bottle with a loop cap. I carry one with me wherever I go and you can buy them in lots of colours and combinations too which I love. My daughter also has a toddler version which is super cute. I love how they don't contain the harmful chemicals that plastic bottles do and they don't retain any flavours. I feel like I am doing my bit to help the planet by reusing this bottle.
  4. Connecta Baby Carrier - £75 - I only discovered baby wearing when Sophia was a year old but next time I would definitely do it from the start (check minimum weight limits) as these can be used from birth. I love how they can be folded up small to fit in your bag and how you can get them in plain or patterned designs. My favourite thing about the Connecta is how easy they are to use, the first baby carrier that we got was such a faff I gave up but these just have a couple of buckles that click together and that's it. You can put it on by yourself you don't have to rely on someone else being around to strap you in.
  5. Gurgle Magazine Subscription (current offer today as of 9/6/2017 £12 for 12 issues) - Quite early on I subscribed to Gurgle magazine and it was something that I looked forward to each month. It was uplifting to read and gave me fashion inspiration and weaning ideas. Even now that my daughter is nearly 3 I am still subscribed to this magazine as I enjoy reading it and keeping up to date with whats new in the baby and toddler world. Disclaimer: I am not sponsored by any of these brands in any way. All the thoughts and opinions here are my own.