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Induction of Birth

Wednesday, 13 June 2018  |  Admin

Induction of Labour – my birth story


With my second pregnancy I was booked for an induction of labour due to slow growth and my heart condition. The induction itself was booked for 38 weeks exactly but I had been warned that if the labour ward was busy it may be delayed.

On the day itself I was told to ring the labour ward at 9am to see whether there was space and what time to come in. I didn’t sleep too well the night before, a mixture of nerves and needing to pee numerous times through the night. I woke nervous and called at 9am on the dot. I was told they would need to call me back once the night staff had fully handed over, but that they would call within the next 30 minutes. An hour and a half went by and still no call, nervous they had forgotten me I called again and was told they would find out what was going on and call me back. At this point I was convinced I wouldn’t get a bed that day. I finally got a call to say come in at 3pm and go straight to the labour ward. It was suddenly very real, I checked my bags for the final time and we decided to go for a family lunch.

I didn’t eat too much but my little boy did, and it was nice to spend that last bit of time with him before I left for hospital. I didn’t want to drag out goodbyes to him, so we took our time eating and decided to drop him back at the house with Grandma and say a quick goodbye. I’d only ever left him for 1 night in 2 years and 7 months and that was with his daddy. I managed to hold it together saying goodbye but cried the whole way to the hospital.

We arrived at 3pm and were taken straight to our bed. It was a room with 2 beds but there was no one in the other one so at least we had some privacy. We sat there for about an hour before someone came in and took all my details and the consultant on duty came to prescribe the pessary. Before I had the pessary the midwife also did some observations and a monitoring of baby. On examination I wasn’t favourable at all but was reassured that quite common and things can change quite quickly with second babies. The first pessary was inserted at 6pm and then it was a waiting game. I had some twinges and tightening but nothing major, so at around 10pm I sent my husband home, so he could be there when our little boy woke the next morning.

Overnight I had a lot of regular contraction type pains, but they didn’t seem to progress and by the morning they had fizzled out. When my husband returned the next day, the midwife suggested we go for a walk to try and get things moving so we decided to go out of the hospital for lunch. However, I was so sore walking and the pessary didn’t feel comfortable at all. I felt too ill to eat anything, so we walked back to the ward. I went to the toilet on the way back to our bed and I was sure the pessary had fallen out. I told the midwife who suggested it would be unlikely, but examination had shown it was gone. It also showed that 21 hours of no sleep and frequent pains had given me no progress at all. I completely broke down, a mix of missing my little boy, hormones, fear and exhaustion. I just wanted it over and done with. Once I had pulled myself together I decided to have another inserted but was told they felt it was unlikely it would work as my cervix wasn’t favourable at all. It was also mentioned that if this one didn’t progress it may be worth thinking about delaying a week and trying again next week. The thought of leaving my little boy again was horrendous.

The second pessary was inserted around 3pm. I spent a lot of time on the ball hoping it would move things along. I sent hubby home at 8pm and after he left I began having some pains. They intensified at around 11pm and I was given some paracetamol. After that I must have fallen asleep and I was woken at 3am with some proper pains, the type you breathe your way through. Thee midwife came to examine me around 4am and confirmed they were contractions (music to my ears). Things intensified quickly. I still wasn’t dilated but assured that it was starting. However, the next contraction felt different, very intense and like something dropped. The midwife still had her gloves on and examined me again and I was suddenly 1-2 cm dilated. I was asked if they could call my husband, but I wanted to do because I didn’t want him to rush. The midwife said at that point that he may miss the birth because things seemed to be progressing quite quickly. I was then told to go to the toilet. I could barely walk but somehow made it! I was then taken straight into the delivery room where I was now 4-5cm dilated. The pessary was removed, my waters broken, and the anaesthetist was waiting to put an epidural in (I have this for my heart condition). My Husband arrived at around 5:30am and I was fully dilated but as baby was happy and my epidural had made me much more comfortable it was decided that we would leave it a couple of hours before pushing to let the baby descend. I can’t really remember what happened from there but at 7:30am they decided we should get ready to push soon. Baby hadn’t descended very much so I was sure I was in for a long final stage.

Just before I started pushing me and husband suddenly realised we were going to find out the gender of the baby. We hadn’t even thought about it because the pregnancy had been so stressful but our final guess was a boy. I started pushing at 7:50am and baby arrived at 8:16 am completely entangled in their cord. Once the baby was unravelled they were passed to me for a cuddle while daddy cut the cord. As I lifted the baby up I noticed the gender and told my husband it was a little girl through a sea of tears. I had a quick cuddle and gave her a feed before she was taken for some checks. While they were being done my husband called my mum to tell big brother he has his long requested little sister and I could hear him shouting with excitement.

Baby girl had a low body temperature and ended up being kept under a heat lamp for a few hours wearing a tiny hand knitted hat from neo natal. I had no need for stiches so just had a clean up and fresh pjs. The midwife brought me some tea and toast, but it made me vomit, my body seemed to be in shock. My epidural had largely worn off as I began pushing so I thought I would be able to walk but I collapsed to the floor and had to be lifted back into bed. I really wanted to sit with the baby but was struggling to lift my head off the pillow. By 1pm we had both started to feel better and my husband went home to collect the new big brother. He came around the curtain shouting where’s my sister, after a quick cuddle with me and the baby daddy took him home and me and the baby had a little snooze. At this point I’d felt so ill we’d only let people know she was a 6lb 3oz baby girl so when my husband arrived back at 6pm we sent photos and announced her name as Etta!

We were kept in for another 24 hours while Etta had her body temperature and blood sugars monitored but went home the next day to start life as a family of 4.

Overall, it was a quick induction with no intervention at all so a positive experience and I would be happy to have another one in the future. I read a lot of horror stories and negative posts regarding induction and intervention, so I hope a positive story is helpful to anyone about to go through the same.

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