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How to win the flu war and protect your child!

Tuesday, 18 October 2016  |  Admin

Mum vs Germs – The war of the winter season.

So here we are again, cold and flu season and I think every parent of a baby or toddler are putting Calpol bottles into their holster wondering if it is appropriate to send their child to nursery in one of those Zorb balls.
For me, this is where I am aware I am a heart mama. Elijah can normally fight off a cold fairly well since his op, but before that we used to end up in hospital. This year Elijah is old enough to have the flu vaccine which all immediate family members are having as well. For Elijah to catch the flu it could mean a heart attack, which could be fatal as he has had open heart surgery.
I think this year I have become a little bit more germ aware, in trying to protect Elijah from the dreaded cold/flu bugs. And selfishly myself, as you know, mums do not get time to be sick! I know he will bring home some illness after all he goes to nursery, toddler music class and tries to eat conkers. I also caught him eating sweets off the floor the other day.
Germs in small doses are good as they will build up the immune system and they can then flight them off in the future. But when you have brought the entire supply of Olbus Oil and Snufflebabe from Boots for the 6th time enough is enough!
I am on a mission, against the cold germs this winter! I am fed up of my house smelling like menthol and being woken up by what sounds like a snoring walrus (Elijah with a blocked nose). So, I have come up with a plan to fight the germs….

1. Cover Elijah and all surrounding areas in hand sanitiser.
2. Make him wear a surgical mask when interacting with the public.
3. Spend 22 hours a day washing his hands.
4. Make him wear gloves all of the time.
5. Make a giant hamster ball for him to walk in.
6. Dettol the bus before he gets on it.
7. Buy every bottle of Calpol I can find.
8. Get him a thermal knitted onsie with only his eyes showing.
9. Firebomb soft play.10. Vet all tots who come into contact with him with a saliva test.


I am sure you can agree these are all feasible options to consider. After all my darling toddler sneezes in faces, leaves his snotty tissues everywhere, eats of the floor and open mouth kisses you! He is a germ factory! I am determined this year I will not be ill for the whole of winter and nor will he! Even if we do go and hibernate until April.
Right, I am off to go and find a Zorb ball on Ebay and create some sort of hand sanitiser water pistol. This mama will win the war, even ironically at this present moment in time Elijah is at home ill from a cold *sigh* I’ll get the Snufflebabe.