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How to use a knife and fork ( when you are only 2)

Tuesday, 26 July 2016  |  Admin

Toddler Cutlery Tips

Now that Joey is 2 he's been using his own cutlery for a while now. Here are some tips to introduce cutlery to your toddler...
Use a spoon first
It seems a bit obvious but the first piece of cutlery to introduce first is a spoon. If you're feeding purees to your child then you'll be using a spoon anyway. Get them familiar with using a spoon from the beginning of your weaning journey.
Don't worry about mess
I absolutely hate mess and food on the floor but this is going to happen whether you like it or not. Just leave them to get on with mealtime and have the cleaning stuff handy.
Making sure you have an array of cutlery and plates for your child is a good idea. Even better, if they have a favourite cartoon character and you can get hold of branded cutlery, plates and bowls it may encourage your child to want to use their cutlery. Also using brightly coloured products is a good idea.

Show them what to do
If your child can see you using cutlery to cut your food up then they will want to copy you. Chopping your own food up and theirs in front of them will encourage them to do the same as you. Guide them to be able to pick up a small piece of food onto their fork.
Introducing a knife

Now that Joey is 2 and has meals the same as ours we are starting to give him his knife. He may not be holding it in the correct hand but in time he will figure it out. Sometimes he will actually pick up a piece of food with his knife and pop it in his mouth. You should aim to introduce a spoon, then a fork and allow them to use both at the same time and then finally the knife.

The cutlery set that Joey uses at the moment is the Tommee Tippee Explora Grown up cutlery which he enjoys using. There are a lot of cutlery options available to encourage your toddler to feed themselves. Joey really enjoys feeding himself with both his cutlery and his hands, there are no right or wrong ways in which to introduce cutlery to them.
Do you have any toddler cutlery training tips?