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How to turn your Transverse baby

Monday, 19 June 2017  |  Admin

Transverse Baby

So, from about 17 weeks the baby has been in a transverse position which is where the baby is lying sideways across your belly. Head at one side, feet at the other. This hadn’t really bothered me other than being very uncomfortable at times until my last midwife appointment when they said ideally the baby should have turned by now. They give you until around 36 weeks (I was 35 at the time!) and if not you are sent to the hospital for a scan to check growth and position and then options are discussed with you. These are normally an ECV which is where your uterus is relaxed and Doctors will turn the baby in your stomach, or we plan for a C Section if the baby would not budge.

I was already being scanned as due to the baby lying sideways ironically the baby was measuring small! We had been looking up ways we could try and turn the baby before it came to medical intervention. We were directed to Spinning Babies which is an amazing website that gives you exercises you can do at home to try and turn breech and difficult positioned babies.

We started off doing some ‘forward incline tilts’ which is basically kneeling off the sofa or the bed, arms on the floor with your bum in the air! I did this numerous time over the week. We also did the ‘dip hip’ which was also recommended to me by my Hypnobirthing coach and I began sitting on a wedge pillow when in the car or on the sofa. We even researched reflexology massages, and found out the same hypnobirthing coach had a 100% success rate for transverse massage! After the scan, she was our first port of call!

Then I found over the next two days before the scan people began commenting on how low my bump was. I looked down and it did look different, dare I hope baby may have finally turned? (This was also the time I had begun researching Moxibustion which worried me as I was scared I would set fire to my foot).
Scan day came around, and we were told within about 5 seconds baby was head down, butt up and possibly the straightest lying baby he had seen! Arms were down by their face and legs to the side! I was so relieved, we never had to worry about position with Elijah but this one was throwing us all sorts of curveballs.

I wonder if any of the exercises did work or maybe the baby just did it themselves, but one thing I would say try not to worry. Which is hard as when you are told about all the different scenarios you are thinking they are not what you envisioned for my birth plan. However, plans do need to change as I have well learnt this week! Keep positive and ultimately the right decision and birth is the one where you and the baby are well. You can still make the birth your own, which is what I am planning on doing!