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How to travel with little ones

Tuesday, 10 April 2018  |  Admin


Travelling with a family


What top tips do you have for travelling with a family?


We are seasoned flyers flying around every two years to Orlando as we have a timeshare out at Disney. We have taken each of our four children at around 6 months; and you know what, after visiting family this Easter in Inverness; it is easier long haul. LuToN airport and the construction was harder, add in extra Easter customers and there isn’t even anywhere to sit to breastfeed, and heaven forbid someone gives up their throne for bubba to have his bottle. Tea on the floor by the bin tasted just as good.


We keep ours occupied right from the word go. So here are our top five tips for travelling with children.


  1. PLAN AHEAD - we stop over at Gatwick the night before we fly. Why do we do this? Because rushing with a family is not an easy feat. As Easter weekend proved with our little tribe; it is hard to juggle suitcases, prams or pushchairs, car seats and everything else we seem to need lol.

With this tip is Pack well - You might not think that a 6 year old will need a change of clothes in their carryon however; if they are sick or spill something then they are going to need it; and to buy clothes at the airport is expensive as we found out the other year.



       Security is travelling at Luton was tricky, Gatwick has a family friendly lane, whereby it is easier with children. We carry bottles, milk, breast milk, so making sure all are together in easy reach and all liquids comply and are in a clear bag at home; means a smoother journey through security. And I am in the bracket that I would rather spend ages in security and be safe than the unthinkable.



We need eyes in the back of our heads to watch everyone and everything. We give our children responsibility for things such as a pull along case so that they are distracted and don’t run off. Win win right :-)



If iPads or tablets aren’t an option for everyone or the charge runs out, a surprise new little toy or even a magazine can keep a tot engaged for that last hour. It will be the best kept secret. I promise.

A game of airplane or car bingo like these below will keep competitive siblings engaged :-)



The kids are going to higher than anything about holiday, it’s a big adventure for them; so try not to stress as hard as it may be; depending where you are going it may be easier to embrace the inner child like my hubby does @adamgreen85 but imagine being 3 and going on an airplane. The simple things will be magical to them. The lead up to the holiday and the prep for it will build their excitement level :-)