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How to survive the Summer Holidays

Saturday, 1 July 2017  |  Admin

How to survive the summer holidays


I suggest having a plan in place, and setting activities every week. I love organizing theme weeks, for example:

Week one: Zoo theme

Monday: Make zoo animal masks

Tuesday: Get all of your animal toys out for imaginative play

Wednesday: Trip to the Zoo

Thursday: Get a map and pin animals to different countries of origin

Friday: Make animal themed food and have a chimpanzees tea party


Week two: Creepy Crawly theme

Monday: Get leaves and stones and create a creepy crawly corner

Tuesday: Make spiders with pipe cleaners and tissue paper

Wednesday: Trip to wildlife park or even a pet shop with reptiles!

Thursday: Make creepy crawly cupcakes 

Friday: Play pin the legs on the spider 


Week three: Pirate theme 

Monday: Wrap objects in foil to make treasure

Tuesday: Read a pirate book (these can be found for free on the internet)

Wednesday: Make a pirate map and hide your treasure

Thursday: Get a large cardboard box and make a pirate boat

Friday: Make carrot swords and enjoy with jolly jam pirate sandwiches


Week four: Space theme

Monday: Make a paper mache planet with a balloon, glue and tissue paper

Tuesday: Download free printables to colour and learn about the solar system

Wednesday: Make a space rocket with a kitchen roll holder

Thursday: Enjoy a trip to the science museum or Space Centre 

Friday: Make a space picnic with star sandwiches and sausage rockets 


Week five : Summer theme 

Monday: Make a sunshine plate 

Tuesday: Hide shells in your sandpit or around the garden and collect them in a bucket

Wednesday: Make a jelly picture, use blue for the sea and yellow for the sun 

Thursday: Have a go at bubble printing 

Friday: Enjoy a day at the seaside or local outdoor water park


Week six: Super school week 

Monday: Have fun with phonics, there are lots of free resources on the internet 

Tuesday: Practice your maths, count the carrot sticks 

Wednesday: Visit your local library and chose some new books 

Thursday: Have dressing races! Lay out PE kit and see how quickly they can dress

Friday: Create a summer memory book 


There are lots of resources available to help you create craft ideas, my personal favorite is Pinterest and there are lots of books to give you inspiration.


TOP TIP On the last week of the holidays, start to wake up at the time you need to in the school term and start to make bedtimes a little earlier as it will help your child adjust.


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