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How to survive the early days

Wednesday, 19 July 2017  |  Admin

5 Great tips for for surviving the early days

Surround yourself with support


I cannot tell you how much having friends and family to call upon in those early days helped - even if it was just to get the to bring a loaf of bread in! Being a new Mum can be incredibly daunting, especially once your other half returns to work. Having a close knit, understanding support network really helped me to avoid the baby blues. I remember walking Florence round to my Mum's house early one morning after a night of non stop screaming so she could take over while I caught up on an hours sleep.

Sleep when you can

On the topic of sleep, the phrase 'Sleep when your baby sleeps' is one that is tossed around so many times when you're new to this motherhood lark, and while in an ideal world you absolutely should, it is not always possible or practical. Instead, just get some sleep when you can! Sean & I pretty much tag teamed our way through those early days and took it in turns to nap & watch the baby. It worked for us!

Take some me time

So I mentioned we tag teamed when it came to sleep, but Sean also made sure I had an hour or so each evening where he would watch Florence so I could have a shower, go for a walk,c all a friend for a catch up or put a load of washing on. Sure, 'Me Time' took on a whole new meaning when I became a Mum, but having those snippets of time out to just be me were so good for my frame of mind and also meant that Sean & Florence had their own time to bond.

Prepare meals in advance

Freezer meals & bottled drinks were a lifesaver for us in those first few weeks. Your time is eaten up with feeds, nappy changes, hosting visitors and just getting through the day and so having easy and effortless meals prepared to simply pop in the microwave will be a real blessing. Likewise with bottled water, keep a couple in the fridge and just grab and go as you need them. No washing up needed!

Set rules for visitors

When Florence was born we were inundated with excited and well meaning visitors - we might as well have had a queue at the door. Night after night our house filled up with different faces wanting to congratulate us and have a cuddle with our new arrival. I won't lie, it got a little bit overwhelming, and even now as the visitors start to thin I find myself wanting to lock all of the doors! Chat with your other half how you want to tackle the well wishers before your baby comes and let people know what you do and don't need from them. I think next time we will definitely limit the amount of people coming to see us in those first couple of months.


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