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How to successfully take toddlers to a wedding

Wednesday, 23 May 2018  |  Admin

Kids and Weddings


In the aftermath of the Royal Wedding and given we are now in wedding season I thought a blog on taking children to wedding may be useful. If your children are invited to a wedding, then her are some tips to get you through the day:


  1. Firstly relax. If someone’s invited your children to their wedding they expect some noise, churches expect children to make noise as do civil ceremony venues. In my experience the quieter you try and make children the louder they become!
  2. Keep an organised changing bag (something like a Pacapod or a Melobaby changing wallet would be ideal). Sounds simple but you can guarantee the wet wipes, or a muslin will be required at the quietest point in the ceremony.
  3. Sit in an aisle seat so you can escape quickly and without disturbing anyone if the kids really aren’t happy.
  4. Take some new toys. My toddler loves the busy books that come with little figures, stickers and mess free colouring. You could also give them a tablet and headphones, but we haven’t tried that one personally for fear of him singing the finger family song mid service! For babies a new teether or book.
  5. Arrive early so little ones can stretch their legs before being seated. That way they get rid of that initial excitement of new surroundings.
  6. Plenty of snacks, treats and a packed lunch. I know a lot of weddings include a meal for children over 1 but in my experience the meal is quite late in the afternoon which is a long time for little ones to wait. Also, we tend to relax the rules on what they eat at events. If he wants to just eat the meat and Yorkshire pudding we just go with that for one day if it maintains his good mood! Another food related tip is to empty a variety of snack/treats into a food bag that they can pick out what they want without you having to open various packets during the service or speeches.
  7. Remember to take cutlery for toddlers if they struggle with normal ones.
  8. Take PJs to change them into at the evening do. It means that you can just transfer them straight into bed rather than wrestling a very overtired toddler/baby into PJs well after bedtime.
  9. Take a pushchair so they can have a rest or sleep in it or even if you just need to confine them while photos are being taken!
  10. Take flats for after the ceremony! Summer weddings are notorious for the reception being outside on grass. There’s nothing worse that chasing a toddler around on grass in a pair of heels!
  11. Strange one but for toddlers get them excited about their outfit. Our little guy loves getting dressed up in a bow tie and suit which makes getting ready far less stressful!
  12. Enjoy! Our little one loves going to Weddings and we have made some lovely memories.