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How to orgnaise your baby changing bag by Jodie

Thursday, 10 November 2016  | 


As I change from bag to bag quite frequently I like to keep the inside of my bag as organised as possible and always have items in the same places. This is so no matter what bag I'm using the interior is familiar and I know where everything is. My solution to keeping a organised bag is pouches, pouches, pouches! I keep different areas of my changing bag in different pouches.

Pouch 1 - This is where I store all my nappy changing needs so I keep nappies, wipes (small travel size pack), nappy bags, cream (I use Kokoso coconut oil which I've spooned some into a small travel size pot that I bought off eBay). I love having my baby changing items all in one place as it means that I can just grab it and go I don't need to take my whole bag to the changing room if i'm out. I currently use the Jem + Baba pouch which is waterproof and very roomy. I also recommend the Ju-Ju-Be Be Quick.

Pouch 2 - I call this the 'mama pouch' and it's where I keep everything of mine. In it I have lip balm, concealer, lipstick, hairbrush, bobbles, headphones, pain killers, plasters, hand cream and a glasses cloth and cleaning solution. I use the Alphabet Bags canvas birthstone pouch but I would also recommend the luxurious leather Jem + Bea Mama pouch which I've had my eye on for a while or the gorgeous new Katie Loxton ones which are more budget friendly. I love keeping all of my items together as I find that these small items soon get lost in the depths of my changing bag and I can never find them when I need them.

Pouch 3 - Food, rather than carrying around a lunch box which can take up a lot of room I like to keep snacks for both of us all in one place. In my snack pouch I usually have a packet of crisps, fruit smoothie pouch, snack bar and a bar of chocolate and I still have room for more. I use the Skiphop reusable snack and sandwich pouches which came as a 2 pack. They are waterproof which I like. If I am carrying sandwiches for Sophia then I also bring out the smaller bag with her sandwiches in. I will do a full review of these snack pouches on my blog at a later date. There are lots of reusable sandwich bags on the internet which I think is a great idea rather than using cling film or foil it feels good knowing that these are eco-friendly because they are reusable.

Pouch 4 - Clothing, I don't always carry this one so it depends on where we are going and how long I will be out for. In this pouch I keep a spare t-shirt, leggings and socks for Sophia, I also carry a spare pair of socks for myself in case we are going to a playgroup or a soft play area. My daughter is travel sick so if we are going out in the car then a change of clothes is a must. I use the Skiphop wet/dry bag which is waterproof and machine washable so if any clothes get dirty I can store them in here and know that the rest of my changing bag and it's contents will remain clean, there is also a separate net pocket on the outside to keep your dry items or baby wipes separate from the main interior pocket. There are lot's of wet bags available on the internet mainly aimed at those who use cloth nappies but they are also a great place to store clothing. The Jem + Bea Baba pouch that I use for my nappies would also be great for clothing or snacks. I do keep other items in my changing bag of course but these are the set items that I like to keep in pouches so I know where they are. I have my on eye on the Ju-Ju-Be Be Set which is a set of 3 different size bags perfect for your bag organising needs. Do you use pouches to keep your changing bag organised? Jodie x Disclaimer I just want to say that I not sponsored by any of the brands above that I have recommended. These are the genuine pouches that I use regularly. The Skiphop ones I bought with my own money, the Alphabet bags one I won in a Instagram competition and the Jem + Bea pouch was a gift.

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