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How to Keep Baby Cool in Summer

1 CommentWednesday, 28 June 2017  |  Admin

Hey everyone, it’s Lisa here from and I wanted to share with you some of my top tips to help keep your babies cool with these unexpected heat waves.

Over the past few weeks we’ve experienced all sorts of weather in the UK, and we’re quite accustomed to the rain, however, it’s a shock to our systems when we finally see the sunshine! Whether you have a newborn baby or a toddler going on 13 year old, it can get extremely uncomfortable in the heat. We have to be super careful that they don’t overheat, that they’re well covered and protected for the sun, while trying to keep cool. It can be a hard task at hand but over the past year with my daughter Imogen I’ve learnt a couple of tricks to help cool her down and make her feel a little bit comfortable even in the unbearable heat.

1. Baby wipes. Now these are something every mum carries around when them so keep a packet in the fridge if you can for a cool wipe down for yourself and your babe. If you’re out and about dribble a little bit of cold water on the wipes to make them cooler.


2. Frozen treats. These come in all shapes and size but to try and keep sugar at bay here are a few of my favourites. IF your baby takes a soother dip it into some water and put straight into the freezer. It will freeze over for a little cool suckle. Another great trick is to freeze breast milk or whole milk for those over 1 to make little milk pops to suck on. For weaning babies freeze some fruit puree with chunks of fruit on for a homemade sweet ice lolly with just natural sugars.

3. Bedding. A little nifty tip that I’ve come across recently is to cool your little ones pillow case (for those over one) in the freezer and reapply back on the pillow at bedtime. It helps keep their head cool at night and not sweat.

4. Swimming. This is the perfect time to take a trip to your local swimming baths for a nice cool down for both you and your little one. If it’s your first time it might seem a little daunting so try and go during the day when it’s term time as that’s when it’s the quietest. Invite a friend so they can lend a hand for you to get changed too while looking after your babe!

5. Paddling pool. An easier way that forking out swimming every day is to set up your own little paddling pool at home. Just keep an eye on the temperature as even if it’s cool and blissful for you, you don’t want it being too cold for your little one. I fill ours only a couple of inches high so she can splash in it rather than swim.

6. Sunhat. Even in the heat we constantly need to protect their skin especially those under 6 months who should never be out in direct sunlight. A big sunhat is the best way to ensure the head is protected and that keeps the sun from their faces too.

7. Bath. Before bedtime run them a slightly cooler bath than normal to help their bodies relax a bit before going to bed. It will leave them feeling a bit more refreshed.

8. Bedtime. For bedtime make sure you keep their room cooled all day with open window’s or fan’s ect. My top tip is to buy a thermometer and stick it to your bedroom wall. This way you know how cool it is and you can try and dress your babe appropriately for bed. It’s hard to keep up with the heat at night and it can be sticky and uncomfortable so it’s great to keep an eye on it day to day during heat waves.

Wednesday, 28 June 2017  |  11:50

wish this had come in last week - love the pillow case tip - its brilliant!!!