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How to help your toddler when they have a cold

Tuesday, 14 February 2017  |  Admin

Every winter, without fail we all pick up a cold or two and it gets passed around the family. Especially if your toddler attends nursery or school the bugs are passed round even quicker. Here are my tips to remedy a toddler cold
1) Lots of fluids - when my son has a cold he goes through a lot of water or juice. Keeping hydrated is the most important thing and something the doctor always stresses how important it is.
2) Tissues - soft balsam tissues are the best, especially for little people's noses. My son doesn't like to have his nose wiped but it's essential to keep him clean and ensure that there's no build up of snot.
3) Snufflebabe vapour rub - a good thing to open up the airways is vapour rub. As a child when I had a cold my dad would run it on my chest and back.
4) Calpol - I'm sure calpol is a must in every parent's medicine cabinet. If my son is suffering from his cold then I give him a small amount of calpol to help ease the symptoms.
5) Calpol vapour plugin - one product that I discovered last winter is the calpol vapour plugin. It's a bit pricey but well worth it if it comforts your child through the night.
6) Lots of cuddles – if all else fails cuddles are always the best medicine in our house. Cuddles with lots of fluids, tissues and all of the above.
There are many decongestant products available for both children and adults but most will probably not work. The best thing to do when your child has a cold is to try and flush it out of their system. A cold will pass in time, the important thing is to make them comfortable. There’s no reason to keep your child away from nursery/school if they only have a cold