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How to get ready for school

Thursday, 31 August 2017  |  Admin


How to get school ready


Start to put those alarm clocks on in the morning, to enable your child to get used to getting up at school time again.


Try and keep to mealtimes and encourage your child not to rely on snacking as this is not going to be available at school.


If your child is just starting school encourage them to start putting on all their clothes every day, this might be a struggle in the beginning.


Label label label everything! I love the designs from


Start to vary the choice of menu at home of your child is gong to be having school lunches.


Try to encourage periods of structured play at home to get your child used to sitting down and competing a task.


If it is your child's first year at school try to talk about their new teacher, school and friends as much as possible to help them relax about the new environment.


Check you have enough uniform and that the shoes fit! I always recommend that you get your children to wear their new school shoes the week before to prevent blisters.


Relax and encourage your child to be excited to go back to school and even if you are anxious, try not to let your child pick up on this.


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