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How to enjoy babies first Christmas

Wednesday, 3 October 2018  |  Admin

How to enjoy babies first Christmas 

This blog I’m going to talk about Christmas! I know it’s only just October but some of my advice will be best used early.

I think for most of us one of the most magical times of the year is Christmas and it’s so much better when you have little ones. Seeing them burst through the door and tear off the wrapping paper is amazing, but I know for a lot of people the build-up is quite stressful.

If it’s your first Christmas as a mama you may still be on maternity leave and thus reduced pay. You may be worrying about fitting in time with the extended family while also enjoying time in that first Christmas bubble or you may be wondering what to get little one for Christmas.

Firstly I’ll address money. If you’re worrying about how you’ll afford Christmas, then have some upfront conversations with relatives. We now only buy for our parents, nieces and nephews. My brother suggested it when I fell pregnant and everyone else agreed it was a much better idea. We also have a set budget for the children’s gifts and swap ideas. It saves waste as you know it’s not a duplicate and it’s something they really want.

Don’t spend more than you can afford. Don’t be pressured into buying school presents, presents for nursery staff, milk men etc. If you have the disposable cash and want to then lovely but no one really expects the gifts and if it adds to stress for you it’s simply not worth it. What has gone down well for us is handmade Christmas cards using hand prints and footprints. You can get lots of bits for this from the pound shop so it’s relatively inexpensive and a bit of fun.

Make a list of what you are buying for who, so you can tick it off as you go along. Saves buying more than you were wanting to and you can keep track of your spending. I know there are also some great apps for it as well!

With regard to how you spend time with others at Christmas make sure you have a chat with your partner and try and get on the same page. We don’t live near either of our parents so made a pact that once we had kids we wouldn’t travel over Christmas. We have kept to that ever since. Family are more than welcome to come to us for Christmas Day, but we don’t go to them.

If you decide not to take a tour of the family make it clear now as that way it’s less likely you’ll be pressured into doing it further down the line. Obviously if you love doing the family tour then that’s great and I’m sure your little one will love it!

My one big tip would be not to give Christmas clothes as gifts! I made this mistake the first year and kept a load of the Christmas outfits I bought him back for Christmas week, he got one wear out of them before Christmas was over and had outgrown them by next Christmas. Now I give them their clothes with their advent calendars one the first of December and they wear them for the full month!

Finally, my top gifts for babies first Christmas:

  1. Activity table
  2. Push along walker
  3. Table wear
  4. Books – I particularly love the Nosy Crow ‘Listen to the’ sound books for little fingers and their books with felt lift the flaps.
  5. Clothing
  6. Musical instruments – we have the one which comes with lots of instruments so it great for storage.
  7. Hide and Squeak eggs are a simple, affordable but a well-loved toy by both my little ones.

Overall, Christmas with little ones is the best and preparing for that first Christmas is so exciting. Try not to compare what you do or spend with others, everyone has their own budget, agenda and family dynamic. What works for your little family may not for others and vice versa.

I hope you all enjoy the festive period and I’m sorry for mentioning it so early!