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How to choose the right changing bag

Tuesday, 29 November 2016  |  Mummy and Little Me

I feel that it is very important to buy the right changing bag at the beginning as I have been through so many looking for 'the one'. As well as taking up a lot of time it has also cost a lot of money. Here are my tips in helping you buy the right changing bag from day 1 -

  1. Check the dimensions - I can easily fall in love with a bag when I see it online or in a magazine. Last year I absolutely adored the Tiba + Marl Mabel tote bag. It looked so stylish and I thought that having this bag in my life would instantly make it a better place. Unfortunately when it arrived it was absolutely huge!! Far too big for me and my needs, yes it was gorgeous I loved everything about it apart from its gigantic dimensions. If the size would have been halved then it would have been my perfect bag. I still feel rather sad about it now. As a rule of thumb for me now if the dimentions measure 50cm in width then it's too big for me. I will go up to about 45cm at the very max.
  2. Check the weight - I expect leather bags to weigh more than nylon or canvas that's just a fact but I don't want my bag to weigh an absolute tonne before I've even put anything in it. If you are looking on a website and you don't see the weight or dimensions listed try a different site maybe the official brand page. If nothing then contact the shop or brand direct. Mummy & Little Me always have these details listed on their website which I find invaluable. The heaviest bags I've come across are the Pacapod Firenze which weighs a hefty 1.71kg and the Kerikit Aryella XL which weighs 1.3kg I'm not sure if that was weighed with any of the accessories in because I remember thinking that it weighed a lot more than that. I could be wrong, anyway the very max weight I would be willing to go up to is 1.3kg which is still pretty heavy. If you plan to attach your bag to your pram at all times or if you have full-time access to a car then bag weight might not be a big issue for you but it's something to keep in mind, especially if you plan to baby wear you might want to go for a lightweight option.
  3. Read blog reviews/Watch You Tube Video reviews, when I have a bag on my mind this is one of the first things that I do. I feel that these reviews will give me a good insight into any pros and cons of the bag and you get a better idea of the interior of the bag, something that isn't always shown on the professional pictures. I love to watch bag reviews and whats in my bag type of videos as I can get an idea of how much the bag will hold and I can then decide if the bag is right for me.
  4. Check Instagram for real life photos of the bag, I usually search Instagram for the hashtag of the brand name and look through for photos of the bag that I've been eyeing up. This can help to give me a better idea of the colour of the bag in a natural settings and also give me an idea of the size of the bag on someone's body so I can decide if it looks too big or not.
  5. Think about what you want the bag for and what features are a priority, write a list of what you want to use the bag for, is it going to be for the work or gym too? do you plan on baby wearing?, do you need to be hands free or is it compatible with buggy clips? what extras are included?, do you need more than one bottle holder? etc. There are a lot of questions to ask yourself.

I hope that my tips will help guide you to your perfect bag. I've made quite a few mistakes over the years to get me to the right bag so don't worry too much if the bag arrives and it's not what you expected. As long as it is new and unused you can return it within 28 days of purchase but it's always better to be as clued up as possible before buying. - Jodie x

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