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How do you keep your kids cool?

Thursday, 18 August 2016  |  Admin



Keeping the kids cool
In Britain we have to grab hold of the warm summer days with both hands as we're not blessed with amazing weather during the whole of summer. Warm weather though can make you worry about your child as they are more susceptible to heat stroke and sunburn. So here are a few tips to enjoy the sun with your child...
1) Sun lotion and hats - the most important things to have in the summer. I always make sure my little one is smothered in cream when we're outside and keep topping it up. My little one isn’t a fan of hats but i try and keep one on him as much as possible or try and keep him in the shade.
2) Shade: You can still spend time outside in the sun and still be under the shade where it's cooler. In our garden we have an umbrella where my little one's sand and water table is.
3) Paddling pool: You can pick paddling pools up quite cheap and they're an ideal way to keep everyone cool and the kids occupied. Paddling pools will keep the kids...and adults occupied for hours.
4) Sand and water tables: Having outdoor toys is a great way of getting the kids outside and having some fresh air. We picked up a sand and water table up from Smyths toy store for £15 and my little one loves it. He loves creating mess with the sand and splashing with the water keeps him cool on a hot day.
5) Ice lollies: Having a freezer full of ice lollies during the summer is essential. But they don't necessarily have to be shop bought, their are loads of ways to make ice pops that are healthy and child friendly.
I must admit that summers aren't really the same now that i have a child, gone are the days of having sunbathing sessions outside with an ice cold beverage. But we can still enjoy the summer by making sure we're all safe and comfortable outside in the sun.

Have you got any good tips to keep the kids cool in the heat?