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How do you feel about your post partem body?

Friday, 19 January 2018  |  Mummy and Little Me


Learning to love my post partem body.


Six months ago, I gave birth at home in the bath with no pain relief in less than an hour.

I had surgery for a 3A tear, and breast fed for 8 days.

I have not bothered to try to lose weight, what came off did so naturally.

I haven’t exercised as such other than the odd burst of activity when I had the energy which is few and far between.

When I look at my post partem body, I can see my hips are wider, my stomach is wobblier than it used to be.

My boobs have shrunk, and my anxiety eczema is back on my arms and legs.

I sometimes pee when I sneeze, and I have stretchmarks.

I get nights sweats every night.

My leg hair grows back in the blink of an eye.

My skin is terrible, and I am 90% sure I may have the beginnings of a moustache.

The hormones have well and truly left the building and the patchy regrowth of hair is left in its wake.

I do not really have time to do too much other than maintain a semi presentable state and I am no where near ready to give my maternity knickers up yet.

I sometimes wonder if Greg still looks at me like he did before kids, and without realising I guess I am not too bothered getting undressed in front of him.

Normally because I get dressed in two seconds flat with a screaming baby somewhere nearby.

Do I love my post partem body? I am not sure love would be the word, but I have accepted it.

I am drawn to the negatives of course I am, but I am also content, looking at this photo I know it wouldn’t be considered ‘media worthy’.

But here is where lies the problem we are fed photos of those who the media have deemed are ‘normal’ if you do not look like this then you are now.

We are told what new mothers are supposed to look like, and that as soon as we give birth we must go back to our pre-pregnancy bodies.

For me, this is 6 months post partem and I am content that this body grew and birthed two babies.

It is terrifying to stand and truly look at yourself and be positive, to accept yourself post partem or not.

 But, we must do this, we must challenge ourselves and our view on what we think is ‘normal’. There is no normal we are all different, we are not meant to be the same.

We don’t need to be our pre-pregnant selves to be happy, or rush to change ourselves.

After all we did just evacuate a human or two.

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